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The most fascinating aspect of chemistry is the knowledge that everything around us, the whole universe in fact, comprises a grand total of some 92 natural elements, to some degree or another.

I have always been fascinated by the elements, and the relation each element has to all the others in what is known as the Periodic Table. Every element has its place in that table, from the most abundant element in the universe - hydrogen - to the heaviest manmade elements created through nuclear synthesis, with strange sounding names such as Californium and Seaborgium.

Individual elements have certain unique properties which are responsible for the world being the way it is today. Without hydrogen bonding, water would not be able to form as a stable liquid at room temperatures: without the ability of carbon to form cyclic aromatic rings and long chains of incredible complexity, DNA, and life as we know it, would not exist. Without the semiconductive properties of silicon and assorted rare earth metals, the information technology we have, including this site, would not exist either.

The world we know, all of its physical properties, derives from the physical and chemical interactions of matter: everything on earth, from the air we breathe to life itself, is some sort of process of chemistry.

To study chemistry - to delve into the very properties of matter itself - is to enter a field of study with the potential to unlock many of the secrets of the universe itself.

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This personal statement was written by fiat_knox for application in 2007.

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The study of chemistry is not just for people hoping to go into some sort of industry. The very nature of matter itself has yet to be fully explored, and the knowledge obtained by the study of chemistry, the properties of matter, cannot be dismissed, even if modern theoretical sciences tend to veer more towards the cosmological.


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I think this one is too

I think this one is too simple for graduate program application. However, as an applicant for undergraduate, it may be unique and impressive.

very short, and not personal

very short, and not personal enough, but apart from that, it has some great points.

i love the facts nd the way

i love the facts nd the way der put buh i fink its a little 2 factual nd nt much bout u as a person

loved the opening paragraph

loved the opening paragraph and the last paragraph, but didnt know what to make of the rest. you sounded a bit try hard (sorry X)

i think this is not a

i think this is not a personal statement. you are giving lecture about chemistry and pysics.(sorry)


You do not mention much about yourself as a person, which is the main aspect of a PS. You have just given a lecture on what you know about the science itself. This is not very helpful as it is not personal enough. How are you selling yourself?
You have not shown your an all rounder, and you have not mentioned much about any experience you have?

You didn't even do Chemistry

You didn't even do Chemistry at uni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't really say

It doesn't really say anything about the person it just says some thing about chemistry.

Also I can see the 'universe being made of 92 elements' annoying the person reading it... what about the other discovered elements... and electrons, photons etc other standard model particles.

And yes water is a liquid at room temperature because of the hydrogen bonds, but it would be even if hydrogen bonds had not been discovered.... thats just how it is.

I'd of rejected this


Where did you apple and get inn?


Simply the worst personal statment I have ever seen, unless it is a joke of course.
If I was the person managing the applications, I would spit on this, then burn it (in that order)and ring all other universities, telling them to reject you no matter what.

all u did was explain what u

all u did was explain what u know about chemistry, nothing really personal about this statement , opening para is good

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