Chemistry Personal Statement Example 13

My passion for science became apparent when I had a 'light bulb' moment during my time at
college. Throughout school it wasn't really clear which career path I should take as I have an
aptitude for most subjects creative as well as the scientific aspects of the curriculum. I
decided to follow my instincts and opt for the sciences. Studying A level chemistry and
through my subscription to the New Scientist magazine took the subject to a whole new level
and it became clear to me then that I had made the right choice. Chemistry for me is about
discovery and the building blocks to so many aspects of society. All concepts of chemistry
appeal to me, especially the elements of the subject that frequently appear in scientific news
such as nanotechnology. It excites me to think that I could be involved and contribute to new
discoveries and would love to continue my studies at university.

Whilst at college, I have participated in open days as a guide for prospective students and
assisted with chemistry workshops, explaining course content to future students. This
experience highlighted to me the enjoyment I gained from educating others in a subject I love.
I believe that my communication skills have been developed through working at Waitrose on the
fish and meat counter; the interaction I have with an array of customers on a weekly basis has
really boosted my confidence. Teamwork is also important, as giving and receiving instructions
is key to ensuring that shift changes run smoothly. As a result of my initial interest in the
medical profession I took on voluntary work at St Peter's hospital in Surrey. My time was
spent on the respiratory ward helping to provide basic patient care and talking to the
patients. I also had the privilege of liasing with medical staff and understanding how
science impacts on their role on a day-to-day basis. I feel the experience was not only
beneficial for my character but also helped me to realise that medicine wasn't the path I
wanted to pursue as well as opening my eyes to the prospects of a career in chemical research
and industry. This enhanced my understanding of the crucial link between science and
healthcare, making employment in the field of science all the more attractive.

Over the summer I worked at the head office at Sony doing data entry, for most of the time I
was left to work on my own. This highlighted that I needed good time management skills and
that I could work autonomously, which I believe will help me when studying and working in the
chemical industry.

During my time at school I was involved in a mentoring scheme. As a mentor I was responsible
for 4 first year pupils. I met with them once a week to check that they had settled in and to
discuss any issues they had which I would then help to resolve. I was also involved in a
reading programme, helping those with special needs. This experience has helped me develop my
caring nature and patience with others.
Outside of college and work, I like to keep active by playing football as well as playing
tennis at a local club. Whenever I get the opportunity I love to travel. I have visited many
countries with my family and I am always keen to experience the different cultures and in
particular their local dishes, as I love to cook!
I believe that many of the attributes that I have learnt and developed over the years will
help me in my studies and future career. I am independent, a good communicator, can work
either in a team or on my own, have good time management skills and a caring nature. My
academic ability and dedication to my subject make me an ideal candidate to study chemistry at
university. I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that will be open to
me as a student, both in work and leisure time.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by paddy04 for application in 2010.

paddy04's university choices
Loughborough University
The University of Sheffield
University of Bristol

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made

chemistry (industrial placement) at University of Bath

paddy04's Comments

AS grades BBBC (dropped history). A level: BBB (chem, bio, maths)

applied to:
Bath- Firmed and received unconditional
Bristol- Unsuccessful
Loughborough- Conditional offer
Sheffield- Conditional offer
York- Unconditional Insurance


Statement rating:*****

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sheffield ask for AAB now,

sheffield ask for AAB now, was this the same when you applied? what was your offer?

Applied to Bath, too

First off, I think that your personal statement is pretty good :)
What I wanted to really ask, though, was about Bath. I've applied, for entry 2011, to Bath for Chemistry with Management. I've just heard that they want me to come up for an interview. Just wondered, do you have any tips or any advice? And what's Bath really like for a Chem student?

please reply :)

its always the start of the

its always the start of the statement that i hate but wow, your statement's start just forced me to read on...

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