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What I love about chemistry is the constant sense of discovery: looking at the simplest reactions on a molecular level is like glimpsing a whole new world. I am keen to learn at the cutting edge of current knowledge and to contribute to new discoveries.

During the course of my degree I hope to take part in some research; after leaving university I am looking to work in science, possibly in research, and some experience will almost certainly come in useful. I would also like to continue my study of French at university I think it is a beautiful language and one of my ambitions is to become fluent.

As part of my study, in addition to the A level course, I have taken part in the RSC Analytical Chemistry competition in a school team; I am a regular subscriber to the New Scientist magazine and have attended several courses, including an ISCO course on Forensic Science. I am also an affiliate of the RSC, and I’m currently looking for work experience possibilities in this field.

I joined Kimbolton School on a scholarship and during my time here I’ve won seven prizes in total, including two for French and Maths; I am now looking forward to the challenges presented by my appointment as one of fifteen Gown Prefects in the school. However, as well as taking my work and responsibilities seriously I have a lot of fun as well. I sing in the school choir and the chamber choir, and currently take singing lessons: I hope to continue with my singing at university, ideally in a university or college choir. I have represented both my House and School in General Knowledge teams and, although not exactly a gifted sportswoman, I’m happy to take part in some sport for my House.

I enjoy taking part and trying new sports and although my talents aren’t likely to take me into the university teams, I look forward to continuing to ‘have a go’! I have also taken part in numerous musicals and plays in the school. In January I joined the Kimbolton Amnesty International Group and have been involved regularly since then. As a member of the school’s Community Service Unit I spent a year working in a primary school, and another in a school for handicapped children, both on Thursday afternoons during term-time.

I believe that my academic ability and dedication to my subject make me an ideal candidate to study chemistry at university. I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that will be open to me as a student, both in work and leisure time.

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That opening is fantastic-

That opening is fantastic- "What I love about..."- it's simple yet comes across really enthusiastic. I've been looking for a good opening and this is one! This is a brilliant personal statement.

sounds good

i must say youre personal statement is very convinceing. thanx for the info xxx

excellent statement!!! well

excellent statement!!! well done who ever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice opening

i love the opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great enthusiasm with a down

great enthusiasm with a down to earth humorous approach :)

the opening really grabbed my

the opening really grabbed my attention. simple but effective. definitely one of the best ps's i've read and one of the most interesting. just a small mistake... you have repeated " as well" in one sentence near the middle.

Won't people get caught if

Won't people get caught if they copy this personal statement? I'm going to steal a few phrases hope it goes well!


excellent worth reading, hpe mines as gud


yoooooooo this is sikkk im gonna rob it and use it as my own safeee!!!!


i think this is a great personal statement particularly the start. wanna hook up im down hoes!!!! WORK IT

anita is stupid

anita is stupid

wow.......may i use it plzzzz

wow.......may i use it plzzzz. it aint like they would know right? go on.........


I don't think it's that good at all. I like the first paragraph, the first sentence in particular, but the rest of the statement is just a general list about what you've done, which is exactly what pretty much every advice page says not to do. including studential! there is no mention of your course, what you like about it or of any skills you have developed that you think will give you suitability to the course.
if you got in on this statement it would be a joke

not too bad!

not too bad!

Honestly you seem a bit full

Honestly you seem a bit full of yourself....sorry but its true, someone had to say. Still a good PS tho



i think the opening is

i think the opening is reealli gd and this person multiple skills. i think the only flaw is that there is not enough relation bk2 the degree that they wnt 2 do. otherwise its pretty perfect.

oh my god! its amazing, the

oh my god! its amazing, the opening is just fantastic.
it has made me worry about my personal statement though!


not bad

i don't think it's very good,

i don't think it's very good, you would hardly know that you were applying for chemistry, it's really vague


is awesome.
thank u SO very much!1!!!
i've been working in mine for ages and everything seems great, except the opening and urs is PERFECT!!!

this is a very good statement

this is a very good statement but i dont want it because i hate you!

WOW... incridible.. thanks a

WOW... incridible.. thanks a lot... you gaves me a lot of ideas about my project!!...

Mediocre at Best

I read this thinking it was supposed to be an exemplar. If this is an exemplar, there's something VERY wrong with university admissions offices, and also with this site. There are two actual mistakes; "...French at university I think..." (there should be a full stop after 'university'), and repetition of 'as well', which someone has already pointed out. You should have got someone to check it before posting it on the site. I'm not impressed. This shouldn't be your first draft. I'd expect better.

Big Fan

Your statement about chemistry is really heart-touching. I can relate a lot to it - thank you for sharing that.

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