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Throughout my life I have always had a strong desire to learn all about the world around me, and have therefore always been drawn to scientific subjects. In my opinion, chemistry is by far the most broad and fascinating subject of the sciences. It is fundamental; when I look around I realise just how integral it has been in many of the advances made by modern society. Chemistry provides constant change and innovation, it never stops evolving and changing the way we live for the better, and this is what I find most exciting about chemistry.

While studying A level chemistry I particularly enjoyed organic chemistry and the various syntheses and nomenclature involved. I also enjoyed the Chemical Storylines sections which showed chemistry in the context of its practical applications; from the making of petrol, to genetic engineering, and even the chemistry behind breathalysers. This only confirmed to me that chemistry is everywhere, and can be applied to any given situation. The sheer number of applications of chemistry is why I believe it is so important and motivates me to study the subject further.

During A2 Chemistry I also conducted a 12 week long individual investigation as part of my course. Having to work independently strengthened my planning, time-management and problem-solving abilities. I enjoyed the challenge of solving the problems I encountered along the way, and these helped me develop analytical thinking skills and a better understanding of the chemical processes taking place in my experiment. Overall, the experience greatly improved my understanding of chemistry and strengthened my desire to study the subject further.

I have enjoyed learning French from a young age, having frequently been on holiday there with my family. I have also participated in two exchanges with students from France which provided a great deal of insight into the French culture that I had never experienced with a holiday. Living with a French family and speaking solely French during my time there helped to improve my grasp of the language, and boosted my confidence. I hope to continue to better my French throughout my time at university and am thoroughly looking forward to the opportunity of living and studying in France during my degree.

During my year out I am continuing to work as a cashier, this job involves a lot of communication, both with my colleagues and with customers, in order to do my job to the best of my ability. I also volunteer as an Assistant Leader at my local Brownie group, which involves organising and supervising activities for the Brownies as well as helping out the leaders with the general running of the unit, this has strengthened my leadership, teamwork and management skills and given me more confidence in my ability to organise and lead a group of people.

With my motivation and drive, as well as my enthusiasm for learning, I feel I will thrive at university and reach my full potential. I look forward to furthering my knowledge of chemistry and developing a broad range of skills to help me on my way to a career in chemistry.

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