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Science has always interested me, and chemistry in particular is my favourite subject. I know I would like to take it further, hopefully as a career. Molecular mechanisms and what they can tell us about our world fascinate me and a university course represents a unique opportunity to further pursue my main interest

I am enjoying the breadth and depth of my A-Level studies and relish the freedom to work more independently. I have found that sixth form study offers great scope for reading around my subjects and free periods give me the opportunity to work on solutions to problems before asking for any support or advice from my tutors. This year I am particularly looking forward to my chemistry course-work project, as it will allow me to choose my research topic. I will have the opportunity to devise and carry out my own practical experiment. The personal motivation required for success at A-level has made my whole course of study much more rewarding than at GCSE level

I have grasped every opportunity to learn more about chemistry. During year Ten I took part in work shadowing in the Medicinal Chemistry department at the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, working in the Synthesis labs, learning about Analytical Chemistry and related departments. I have taken part in two extra curricular chemistry courses including a residential chemistry course. Later in the year I will be attending a hands-on mass spectroscopy session. These wonderful experiences helped to finalise my decisions about a career path and allowed me to meet people who shared my own passion for chemistry. This year I was awarded the year twelve prize for my work in chemistry lessons. I read the 'Chemistry Review' magazine that offers me a chance to relate my A-level syllabus to everyday situations. I enjoy reading popular science books; the most recent was 'The End of Time' by Julian Barbour. I also read works of fiction by authors such as Jane Austen and Graham Greene

Out of school I am a keen musician. I play three instruments, the piano, the viola and the violin. I play in the Nottingham Youth Orchestra, Nottingham Symphony Orchestra, and the School Orchestra and I sing in the Upper School Choir. This summer I went on tour to Edinburgh with the NYO and hope to go on tour again next year. I have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and Young Enterprise

I also spent time as the Student Council secretary. These built on my teamwork, managerial skills and developed my organisation skills. I managed to use the skills I learnt through the Duke of Edinburgh's award by volunteering to be a team leader on a year seven outwards bounds course. I like sport, especially rowing and horse riding. I row for the Nottingham Schools Rowing Association and my double has taken away the J16's silver in the Ball Cup

I look forward to contributing to University life through music, sport, and study. I am certain my chosen course is right for me and am eager to take this opportunity to prove myself.

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very nice, really helped me

very nice, really helped me structure my PS

Mmm loved the start but not

Mmm loved the start but not the end sorry

Brilliant, the best chemistry

Brilliant, the best chemistry personal statement i've read

It is very nice. Nicely

It is very nice. Nicely written and it flows through-out. A COMPLIMENT: you must be a very, very pro-active individual.


This is one awesome blog post.Thanks Again. Great.

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