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Having been raised by a paramedic and a pharmaceutical rep, I think my interest in Science was probably inevitable. It's a discipline that I've been exposed to all my life, and a natural thirst for knowledge drives me forward through it.
My favourite branch of science has always been Chemistry. I've found it a subject that comes naturally to me, something that appeals to my sense of logic. Symbols and equations and reactions - I enjoy the subject so much that Advanced Higher Chemistry is as much for my own pleasure as it is relevant to what I want to do in later life.
That vision I have of what I want to do is broad, perhaps, but definite. Research, development, all of that. A pharmaceutical lab seems to me the ideal environment - practical, looking for the means to help what could be thousands of people in their daily lives.
I'd like to think that I'm dedicated, hard-working and capable while also staying friendly and fun. Being a Prefect for the school, as well as assisting in Standard Grade Chemistry classes, is giving me an opportunity to be responsible for others as well as my self. I am a member of both the Charity and Treasury Committees, and these are also giving me a good understanding of team dynamics and how to work well with others, expanding on my experience with teams within the school. As captain of the Top of the Bench Chemistry team in 2007 I was privileged to attend the regional final of the competition, in which our school team took second place. I have also been an active member of the Debating Club for five years now, and this year will compete in both the ESU Mace and Donald Dewar competitions. Although this year is proving to be an extremely busy one, I have been sure to make time for my friends also, because the important people in my life are the most valuable things I have.
I enjoy the performance arts, both on and off stage. I have attended the Perth Youth Theatre for three years and with them have performed several plays to a paying audience, as well as being a member of Auchterarder's highly successful Senior Choir. Out of the spotlight I've become interested in Lighting Design, having been introduced to it in Drama, and have taken on the challenge of providing lighting for the school's upcoming 'Battle Of The Bands' event.
Outside school I took a ten-week course in Forensic Science at Edinburgh University last year, largely as a matter of interest. As this is such popular subject matter on television programs I elected to see what really goes on. It was a valuable experience, giving me insight not only into the subject but the way that university courses and tutorials are taught.
Since picking up Art as a subject this year I've really started to get into it as a hobby. I enjoy drawing, and am gradually getting more comfortable with painting. My main passion in my free time, however, is creative writing. It only became a real hobby for me after I was awarded Second Prize in Scotland for the 2005 Pushkin Prizes, and has stuck with me ever since. The rest of my time I spend with friends or reading - I've never been keen on the old classics, but my taste in books is pretty eclectic. I enjoy the nineteenth and twentieth century Russian authors, but equally the writing of Steven King and Robin Cook.
The most important thing to me this year, however, hobbies aside, is completing my Advanced Highers to a high standard. This is the challenge I have taken on, and one I intend to give my all.

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This personal statement was written by polaris for application in 2009.

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Written in 2008. Application as a whole given unconditional acceptances by Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh universities.


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