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Few aspects of life fall outside the scope of chemistry and this is what fascinates me about this dynamic and fundamental science subject. From a young age I have enjoyed and excelled in mathematics which reflects my logical and enquiring mind. Thus, I made the decision at high school to study mathematics as well as two sciences as part of the International baccalaureate. It was during this part of my education that I discovered my interest for Chemistry and my desire to study the subject at a higher level. Furthermore, I developed an enthusiasm for the topics of energetics and in particular, organics.

My practical skills have been greatly enhanced through the study of Biology and Chemistry and the assessment of my abilities. Earlier this year I completed the Group 4 Project, which required me to utilise many life skills as well as calling on the skills learnt in my two science subjects. The Group 4 Project consists of a group of 8 students formulating a research question, planning and executing relevant experiments and finally drawing and presenting conclusions. Good teamwork and practical skills were a must and I was pleased to be awarded very high marks. My love for chemistry stems from an appetite to understand the physical world around me and learn about, what is sometimes referred to as the central science.

The subjects I study at a standard level differ greatly from my higher and subsequently they have enabled me to broaden my knowledge. This is partly the reason I chose the IB. Another salient reason as to why I chose to take the IB was because of the opportunities the course offered through the inner hexagon. My studies of Theory of Knowledge have helped me to evolve an analytical and questioning mind which I feel is very applicable in the ever expanding field of modern chemistry. The IB is a very challenging course but I feel it has strengthened me in many aspects.

Since starting the course in September of 2007 I have enhanced my time management and organisational skills in addition to becoming a more open minded and reflective person. Recently I have written and submitted a 3700 word extended essay about the area of circles and formulation of Pi, requiring me to exercise both my research and essay writing ability.

Presently I am working towards achieving my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and during my Easter holiday last year, I travelled to South Wales in the company of a group of 6 friends with the ambition of qualifying for the final assessed expedition. I believe that I showed great determination over the four days walking as well as overcoming the challenge of being self sufficient. My other pastimes include trampolining, playing the bass guitar and practising parkour. I love being involved in sport and through parkour I can show self expression, control and discipline.

A level of self confidence, an ambitious mind and a hardworking attitude towards improving are all qualities I feel parkour has helped me to achieve. Over the year and 6 months I have attended the Sixth Form I have completed over 150 CAS hours by recording my past times and charity work in a fair-trade coffee shop. Parallel to my studies, I enjoy working as a waiter in a local hotel. This involves me being punctual, hardworking, sociable and most of all, responsible for my own thinking and acting upon this. These are all skills that I believe are vital for any perspective university student.
I am greatly looking forward to the opportunities that university has to offer me both academically and socially.

My passion for Chemistry, determination and positive attitude lead me to the conclusion that studying a course at university that will both excite me and satisfy my thirst for knowledge, such as chemistry, is the next step for me and my education. My eventual aim is to become a teacher of Chemistry at GCSE level and to inject the excitement into the subject that I have discovered.

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This personal statement was written by rossgarwood for application in 2009.

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The University of York
University of Southampton
University of Leicester
University of East Anglia
The University of Sheffield

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Chemistry at The University of York

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Seemed to work well. Got 5 conditional offers(York, Southampton, Birmingham, UEA, Leicester) and ended up in my first choice.
Intrested to see what others think and hope it helps someone like other personal statements on this site helped me.


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this is great, i'm applying

this is great, i'm applying for zoology as an IB student this year, you really helped me realise how to show off the fact that i do the IB - thank you!


Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article. Much obliged.

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