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All aspects of chemistry and the every-changing needs of society particularly in the environmental field fascinate me. In particular, I most enjoy experimenting and the challenge of understanding chemisty and it's surrounding issues. In addition, there are many career choices open to me including pharmaceuticals, research, management and the chemical manufacturing industry.

Much thought went into my decision to study chemistry; I first had the idea because it is one of my favourite subjects. Then at a higher education fair, I went to a lecture entitled "Why Chemisty?" which illustrated the good career prospects. I attended general open days for science subjects; I greatly enjoyed visiting chemistry departments, often chatting informally with undergraduates, increasing my thirst for chemistry. I found research opportunities and a good balance between pure and applied science, some of the many attractive feature of chemistry courses. I then referred to The Times web site and Heap Degree Course Offers to confirm suitable institutions. I was finally convinced that chemistry was the subject for me, because of my enjoyment of the subject.

I have recently completed work shadowing at Anglia Water laboratories, Huntingdon, where I learnt how a modern analytical industrial chemistry laboratory functions. I am a regular reader of both the"Chemistry Review" and "Chemistry in Britain".

I am currently the only member of both staff and student groups at our school, as I work as a laboratory technician repairing and constructing laboratory apparatus as required by heads of subject. My work mainly involved physics; the improvisational scientific techniques that I have learny have improved my general experimental ability.

I am an active venture scout sitting on my unit executive committee as secretary, which involveds the planning of the program, fund-raising and organising events. I currently hold my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's award, and I am working towards my Silver Duke of Edinburgh's award and my Queen Scout Award.

I enjoy helping with amateur dramatics assisting by setting up and running special effects, lighting and sound. I am often responsible for the organisational process, which is very time consuming buy satisfying, thus I have done this for a total of sixteen operas, plays, musicals, and pantomimes with five different organisations. I also helped take the school opera on tour to the Czech Republic as the only member of the lighting and sound crew.

I have twice been on a German exchange staying with a German family for one week each time, a cultural experience that I will not forget.

Each year I go skiing with this school, this year I intend to go to Austria. I also enjoy church bell ringing, ringing at both weekly practices and Sunday services, I have also been lucky enough to ring for four weddings.

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get ure facts straight

well judging by your charcter ure nt a very nice Person. IT is diffcult writing a prsonal stsetmnt so u might wna get ure facts straigjht and whats so bad about London Met?

For that loser above

What right have you got judging other peoples personal statements when you don't even start your sentences with captal letters. SORT YOUR SELF OUT.


i like your opening statement. it shows that your passionate as youve specified your interests :)

you havent got many friends

you havent got many friends have you?

What a joke! I can't write

What a joke! I can't write anything as good as this. I'm screwed!



I liked your personal

I liked your personal statement, i am going to use the structure to help me write mine. It sounds like a honest and down to earth persons personal statement rather than someone who is trying to write a really unusual one



slightly gay but keep ringing

slightly gay but keep ringing



super gay

super gay

i like it

i like it

your gay

your gay

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