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Chemistry is a scientific discipline that captivates me because of its ever-growing and academically challenging nature. Since learning about water filtration at GCSE, to the mechanisms for the synthesis of organic compounds at A-level, I have always been intrigued by the theory and application of chemistry.

Moreover, the wide scope of opportunities provided by this course is what inspires me further, ranging from mathematical to pharmacological modules. Additionally, it enables me to facilitate my additional interests and make informed decisions regarding future pathways. This has led me to pursue chemistry with a year in industry, as it will provide me with an invaluable experience to apply my academic knowledge in a laboratory environment and experience research.

Among many of my favourite topics in chemistry, equilibria and organic synthesis are of the most interest. It enables you to observe how the integration of mathematics and theory come into practice; used to anticipate the limiting factors and outcomes of a reaction. I fortunately experienced this by synthesising aspirin from salicylic acid, by an acylation reaction. This furthered my understanding and experience of practical techniques, such as the industrial reasoning for purification. More importantly, it demonstrated I am a capable individual in the laboratory and provided an insight to how chemicals are produced on both a molecular and mass scale.

I was fortunate to complete my work experience at a ***** laboratory, working with quality control chemists. I observed first-hand the analytical chemistry used to assess if any impurities exist within a medical drug by using techniques such as spectroscopy. It was very intriguing as my prior experiences of formulation were complemented by this, showing how both fields are pivotal in this type of industry. This experience allowed me to use my excellent analytic skills and outlined the importance of analysis.

In addition to this, I have worked closely with an academic at the University of ***** to complete an academic project belonging to their ****** programme. My academic project was orientated around the treatment of coronary heart disease. I focused my approach on medication and their target within the body, relating to modules I want to undertake: pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. This was completed by research, critical analysis of information and writing an academic essay: all of which are fundamental skills of any successful university student.

I also work closely with my school to manage their charity fundraising group as vice president. This has developed my confidence in public speaking, ability to lead and plan large events. Additionally, I have also represented the science department on a myriad of open days to assist younger years in exploring scientific A-level choices. These were enjoyable experiences as I enjoy helping others from my own experiences.

Outside of my studies I frequently volunteer at my local hospital, working with disabled patients as a companion and to carry out holistic activities with them. This has developed my interpersonal skills and ability to work within a team, of-which are two of many important prerequisites to be an effective member in a group project. In addition to this, I am a subscriber to the New Scientist as I enjoy reading the latest material regarding scientific research. For example, I recently read how a robot made from a DNA strand could deliver cargo in the blood. This provided me with an appreciation of nanotechnology the importance of interdisciplinary work with other sciences to reach one goal.

In conclusion, my hard-working and determined personality makes me an excellent candidate to study this rigorous course. My experience of university life and industry has allowed me to make an informed decision to pursue chemistry. I look forward to contributing to this course, university societies and advocating chemistry to aspiring students.

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I applied to:

University of Liverpool (AAB required) - Offer
University of Lancaster (AAB required) - Offer
University of Leicester (ABB required) - Offer
Liverpool John Moore's University (BCC required) - Offer

I applied to all MChem programmes, however, LJMU only offers BSc undergraduate.

I firmed the University of Liverpool and attained AAB.


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