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During a concert, people can find me more often at the console, operating unfamiliar software on computer, rather than playing with my band on stage. I'm not studying in this field, but I'm a keyboard player equipped with knowledge of computer music. When I combined all these with the simple amplifier and console together we are able to make a concert professional effect. But who knows I was just an ordinary piano boy before I entered the university?

Deep from my heart, there is something driving me to learn more advanced knowledge and practice them. It is not vanity but the curiosity and the spirit of creative. In less than half a year, I learned MIDI technology and production software, such as SONAR, all by myself. These made my team easier to write, record and refine our own songs, even publish them. I also bring an air brush usually used in model painting to the Student Union bringing images my teammate never seen before. Though I have quitted from the band and left the Student Union, the skills and experiences I got would be benefit wherever I am.

Curiosity also makes me attentive to details in my research. In a short semester course, I did a series experiment to test the quality of waste liquor from maize fermentation aiming at finding ways to utilize it. Though I was told to test its basic performance when serving as snow melt agent only, I found it may have the ability of reduce the erosion of metal according to the composition of the liquor and literatures I've looked into. So, I continued to test this hypothesis by experiment after I finished my task, and the experimental results bear out my supposition. However, it may not be a great success because its capability is not strong enough, but I think this finding could at least guide my future exploration in making it better. Anyway, I am still happy about it because it gives me an experience of discovery.

Also, I am fascinating in advanced instruments and solving problems under their help. Without modern chemical instrument, it is entirely possible that I never be informed with the composition of the waste liquor I talked above. This may be one reason that I have not gain excellent skill of piano play but acquired technique about computer music. When I got the assistance internship in Water and Wastewater Monitoring Center of Jinan I was extremely happy, because there are great amount of advanced chemical instrument, such as ICP and GC-MS. During days working in that center, I learned the operation of those instruments in my spare time. This experience supplementted my knowledge acquired at school, since there are not that many expensive machines for each student to operate by themselves, even once.

While being attracted by advanced technology, I'm also good at practice what I have learned. This is even more true in my university life. I can often correlate newly learned knowledge with what I have seen in my father's chemical plant. For example, knowledge gained in Structure Chemistry informed me with the basic mechanism of FWA (Fluorescence White Agent, main product of my father's factory).At the same time, the experience gave me a deeper understanding of book knowledge. Though I'm not erudite enough now, I'm confident in making better products in the future.

Upon graduation from your school, I plan to learn more about organic chemistry. Participating in the development of economical and environmental friendly chemical product would fulfill my aspirations. Learning in the U.S.A. is a great challenge as well as a brand new experience for me, and I'm looking forward to face it. I believe my colorful experiences would contribute to the future group and I can achieve my goal after my study.

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This personal statement was written by gaiwenjie for application in 2010.

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I want to show my creativity ability and quick learning in advanced technology. But I realy do not know if this essay is convincing.


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i really do not know if your

i really do not know if your 'spelling' is convincing :P


Thank you for your blog post. Awesome.

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