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Growing up, I was inquisitive and fascinated about the make-up of everything I could lay my little hands on. This thirst for knowledge was satisfied in the first semester of my sophomore year at the University, during a coursework in analytical chemistry. The reality of being not only able to identify the constituents of a matter, but also to quantify and separate mixtures was and still is astonishing. My interest in the instrumental analysis of compounds appreciated gradually and steadily during the course of my undergraduate degree, as I was further exposed to the principle behind various instrumental analytical techniques.

In the course of obtaining my bachelor degree (Biochemistry), I offered modules which enlightened my knowledge of the functioning principle and uses of various modern analytical techniques, which included chromatography : paper, ion, column and HPLC; Electrophoresis (which separates molecules of differing electrical charges using an electric field), Spectroscopy : mass, atomic absorption, UV-Vis and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). These techniques which I have come to understand are the bedrock of instrumental analysis.

To gain further insight into the world of instrumental analysis, after graduation I voluntarily worked at an instrumental analytical laboratory, TPI Nigeria, for three weeks. This laboratory render services to the government, oil and gas companies as well as NGOs. During my stay here, I observed many analysis including the separation of gas mixtures using has chromatography (shimadzu GC 17A), identification of compounds using UV-Visible absorption (Cecil CE 1021), sample preparation, data collection and data interpretation. Working in such a laboratory increased my precision and teamwork was key to instrumental analysis.

While waiting to be mobilized for the compulsory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme, I taught chemistry to senior secondary school students who are preparing for their WASSCE. This experience helped to boost my communication and interpersonal skills. I also tutored a primary school pupils on basic science. This taught me diligence, tolerance and improved my interactive and creativity skills, which aids teamwork and fosters the determination to complete tasks.

In my leisure, I play football, specifically a goalie. I also dabble into basketball occasionally. Being a goalie has significantly increased my eye to hand co-ordination and has also sharpened my reflexes to varied stimuli. It has also aside in my decision making process and ability to rise up to challenges. My practice with Basketball also helped improve my precision and dexterity. In order to relieve mental stress, I play scrabble and card games which has developed my strategic thinking. I also like to socialize with friends, read motivational books and listen to music.

Besides the fact of UK being the destination for a top notch educational experience and its diversity, Aberdeen shares some similarities with my city of residence as it is also a port and oil producing city just like Port Harcourt, which is a plus considering my course option of oilfield chemicals. This provides me with the opportunity of experiencing the industry tailored lectures. A degree in instrumental analytical science (oilfield chemicals) will be a building block to my career in instrumental analysis. I intend to go into research and development of oilfield chemicals and development of analytical methods for various sectors.

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