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From the smallest molecule to the most important issues of the modern world, chemistry is fundamental. The burgeoning world energy crisis, for example, will only be solved with the help of Chemistry, and the possibility to be involved in this is an ambition of mine. Studying Chemistry has helped me to further understand this problem and to ask questions like why is hydrogen fuel expensive to produce? And it has helped to answer such questions, i.e. due to the high amount of energy required for the electrolysis of water. Chemistry is also crucial in industry, and new developments can have large economic impacts. This evident vitality, augmented by the deeper understanding of real-world issues gained by further study, is a major incentive to study degree level Chemistry.

My interest in Chemistry was consolidated by my work experience at Durham University Chemistry Department. The more advanced Chemistry I was exposed to - in textbooks, discussions and practical work - ensured me that I would be interested in degree level Chemistry. My work mainly consisted of brominating an aromatic, which would produce an intermediate for stem-cell research. This taught me valuable practical skills, such as the use of Schlenk apparatus, column separation and rotary evaporation. Working with a research team made me particularly attracted to courses offering an opportunity to take part in research. Using analytical machinery, such as NMR, on compounds that I had produced excitingly brought what had been theory in a textbook into practical reality. The desire for more of these moments is one of my main motivations for studying Chemistry. In addition, I regularly engage in further reading online, e.g. the Oxford pre-University Chemistry Course. This has expanded my interest in Chemistry beyond the A2 syllabus.

At school, I won the prize for AS Chemistry and represented the school in a regional Chemistry competition at Newcastle University, coming runner up. This has added to my confidence with, and commitment to, Chemistry. I also won the prize for AS Mathematics, a subject I enjoy almost as much as Chemistry. My study of Mathematics has increased my understanding and interest in the quantified aspects of Chemistry. I chose to continue History to A2 to develop my analytical and essay writing skills, which would prove especially useful in any broader optional modules taken and with general scientific writing.

Cafe Scientifique has given me the opportunity to engage in scientific debate, and being a member of the committee has allowed me to choose topics, such as artificial intelligence and evolution, and run the debates themselves. In addition to this, I have participated in the school's Debating Society and represented the school in the Cambridge Schools Debating Competition. Expanding on this in a university debating society is something I look forward to. The LINK listening course I completed allowed me to become a school counsellor, and I would welcome an opportunity to become involved in counselling at university. Assembling personal computers is a hobby of mine, and the use of IT in Chemistry intrigues me; so far, I have used applications such as ChemOffice to present homework and view molecules in 3D.

My passion for Chemistry stems from an appetite to understand the physical world around me, and I eagerly anticipate the enhancement of understanding that degree level Chemistry will bring.

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This personal statement was written by Alxy for application in 2007.

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Got an offer from Oxford for Chemistry at AAA. Also got an offer for Natural Sciences at Durham.


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thats amazing

why is chemistry capitalized?

why is chemistry capitalized?

In response to the 3rd

In response to the 3rd comment: your assumption that I am rich and from a socially privileged background is unfounded. Both my parents are nurses, and neither have been pushy. I've pushed myself, I do have a life, and I've never been to a Startrek convention. It may interest you that I turned down Oxford, went to Durham, left there, and I'm now at Newcastle, doing an MMath. This was done mainly to, as you said, 'have a life'.

I used this personal statement as an expedient to gain entry into top universities. They want stuff like this. It's not my personality in a page.

you truly are........ an epic

you truly are........ an epic personal statement writer but also an obvious star trek fan.

Wow... Thanks for this

Wow... Thanks for this personal statement, it's really helped me! Especially the openeing which I think is the hardest part.

Comments to comments

"Jesus, you are surely the result of pushy parenting and the typical social prowess that comes with "private schooling" for a teenager you need to get real and live not spend your free time going to star trek conventions. The bane of society are the rich, as you are a "richer" you should know this and hang your head in shame."

Is the youth of today limited to using accusations of being a star trek fan (note the lack of capitalization) and vilely attacking someone for the achievements? It was disgusting to see an accusation of being 'privately schooled' used at all. Some of the top notch minds come from state schools, just as much as those from private ones.

Look, you dastard, your own failures came out more strongly in your vile calumnious words than any faults of this person. Does technical jargon scare you? It's evident that the third poster from the top has but a fraction of a fraction the ability of our (fantastic;)) author of the statement here. I won't attack you for being poor, but I can easily throw accusations of you having communist sympathies that can have no grounds at all.

Furthermore, the very arrogance you make the assumptions towards Alxy is the true bane of society. Society is afflicted by a plethora of factors, yet every society on this earth has scum like you that lay blame and hatred towards people of talent; scum blasting at the world from their own state of (perhaps financial in your case) misery. I doubt you'd ever read these words, but I'm not addressing you alone of course. The people I am address are those who are holding society back.

I didn't make it into Oxford, I got offered BBC at Durham, and I turned that down for Imperial College. Alxy doesn't need anyone to speak up, but I felt an incessant need to lambast at this coward that hides behind the name of 'guest' (although I quite hypocritically hide behind a pseudonym myself:) ) and the fool who asks why 'chemistry' is capitalized.

Great statement, although I can deal it a hefty share of criticism (whose statement is immune to that?) but nevertheless a well contained piece of writing.

the above poster is I

login timed out, i write too much apparently.

very impressive chemistry

very impressive chemistry practical/work experience... although when talking about energy crisis and hydrogen fuel cells, I'm surprised you don't shed any light on the steam methane method of producing hydrogen. this is the most efficient and cheapest way of producing hydrogen.

thats good

wanna go on a date?

Posh Git.

Posh Git.

This was an great personal

This was an great personal statement and has really inspired me to go and write mine, i was finding it so hard before, so thanks.

Also some people who judge before asking should watch it, just because you are jealous that this guy is clearly awesome doesnt mean u should put him down or jump to conclusions. Most ppl have to work to achieve what grades and stuff they get and those that dont are a select few in the population and hey, those few deserve place like Oxford. Others work hard and get nothing and thats shit, but thats just the way the world works.

Coming from a rich family with pushy parents can sometimes help, but more often than not it doesnt, it works in the opposite way. After all who takes the exams u or ur parents? Many rich kids dont fucking work and dont get into uni and with the current situation as it is, it seems that going to a private school limits where you can apply for courses, rather than providing more options.

I respect the fact that this guy went out and worked hard for himself and no one else. So dont judge him. My ethos has always been to work hard and achieve that way, there is no quick way about it. So next time keep those comments to urself and think before acting.

Alxy Iz A Douche!!!

Yo Douche, Get A Lyf,!!


why did i even write my personal statement
i should have gone to cafe scientifique
am furrrcked
i am looking at this with 3 days to apply xD
oh well

Great statement! It's sad to

Great statement! It's sad to see so many jealous people leave nasty absurd comments. I feel somehow let down that Alxy even responded to those comments justifying himself.

In the first line, you spelt

In the first line, you spelt chemistry with a small case 'c' then like 'Chemistry' all the way through, which one is it? Fuck I don't even know now.
You disgust me.

Really great personal

Really great personal statement! thank you so much for posting it. How did you prepare for your interview?

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