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My determination is to study engineering relating to my desire and previous studies to seek the challenge of today's competitive world.

There seems to be a huge target to lead the world in technology because now a day there are a lot of professionals in the world and defeat them is second challenge. This is what I am interested in.

As my matriculation progressed, my interest in mathematics and particularly physics developed. Studying physics at advanced level allows me to think about how things move and react to forces and how these forces can be used in solving both theoretical and practical problems.

As I passed my intermediate examination, I was very much interested in controlled devices like robots, Computer Numerically controlled machines, mobile and specially computer. For saving time I started a short course of mobile repairing. From which I learned a lot and got practical experience.

After that I came to know about the HND Mechatronics, which increase my interest in engineering. I got admission to a HND in Mechatronics in August 2006. The study on Mechatronics allowed me to solve unfamiliar problems during practical work using familiar concepts.

After the completion of 1st year of HND I learned a power tool of engineering designs Pro E in WAHID INDUSTRIES GUJRAT. As I was trusted member of class so as a team leader I selected a project of a packing machine and its controlled system during the final semester of HND.

I designed the controlled system that sends the error to user's mobile using GSM system of local mobile community. Although I enjoyed the challenge that my college project has given me.

During examination of final semester of HND, P&G Pakistan hired me as a Plant Operation Leader. Fabrics Home Care (F&HC) department is new department in P&G Pakistan.

Here I worked as a Plant Technician in Start UP team of Product Supply Chain. P&G gave me opportunity of training of operation and maintenance in Egypt for six months.

It was a new thing for me to be a part of such huge organization. I worked very hard to achieve my goals and completed my assignment 15 days before target.

During my on the job training I have been a part of Integrated Work System (IWS). I finished my training in the end of February 2009. This informative technical experience offered a unique chance to understand and to observe different areas of engineering which subsequently led me to the decision to peruse mechanical engineering.

I believe that success as an engineer in modern society requires a combination of management, communication and business skills.

Therefore with my previous experience, focused attitude and will for success, I have the ability and motivation to meet the demands of studying at degree's level.

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This personal statement was written by wikicheema for application in 2000.


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