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In Year 8, my science teacher asked the class "Why does ice float in water?" It was an observation that I had not made before, but now baffled me each time I saw a glass of water, thus sparking my eminent curiosity for chemistry. It was only years later in Year 12, when I learned about the hydrogen bonding between water molecules, and their hexagonal open lattice structure allowing for the molecules to be further away from each other; hence making ice less dense than the water. The phenomenon entranced me, and I yearned to learn more about such phenomena and their practical applications in the wider world. Attending a lecture hosted by Professor Sarkisov, I learned the importance of understanding this property in reactors, where the formation of ice leads to an insulating layer affecting the efficiency and performance of reactors. I recognized that understanding the properties of water in its different states, allows chemical engineers to optimize reactor designs and control conditions to mitigate the impact of ice formation.

My study of mathematics, particularly mechanics, has provided me with valuable insight into how the principles and theory of maths can be applied to solve real-world issues. These diagnostic skills proved beneficial during my participation in an analytical chemistry challenge organized by the RSC. In this challenge, I was tasked with designing and conducting my own practical experiments. My mathematical understanding helped me navigate analytical procedures and make precise calculations with ease. This experience not only improved my laboratory skills but also allowed me to apply theoretical mathematics effectively. What I found most rewarding about the challenge was overseeing my project's every aspect, from experiment design to data analysis. Through this, the significance of meticulous planning and attention to detail were emphasised to me as crucial elements in chemical engineering.

Inspired by this experience, I sought to share my passion for chemistry with others. I volunteered to assist younger students, during my school's science week, in performing various practical experiments, acting as a mentor and guide. This not only helped reinforce my own understanding of chemical processes but also allowed me to develop my communication skills. I took great pleasure in answering their questions, explaining the underlying chemical reactions, and witnessing their curiosity be piqued. I found it greatly fulfilling to be able to contribute to and spark their interest in chemistry.

During a panel hosted by the RS group, I was able to listen and talk to multiple engineers from within the group and learn of their experiences in the field. As part of this seminar, I found my interest in the world of engineering heightened as I caught a glimpse into what my future could look like. I found myself particularly intrigued by the vast applications of engineering in the real world, and the wide range of careers the field allowed them to pursue. I was personally able to experience this whilst completing work experience under Dr. Armand Abraham at his aesthetics clinic. Observing his work in proximity, I was able to witness firsthand the applications of chemical engineering in the real world. From the equipment to the chemical formulations he used, I knew there was a large number of chemical engineers working to efficiently produce these products, and the notion of that fascinated me.

In Key Stage 4 I was a member of my school's leadership team, where I had a crucial role in coordinating student voices, to ensure these were heard at a senior level. In this role, I was able to exercise my communication and collaboration skills. My involvement in the school community continued through Year 12 where I helped establish an Islamic talks society. As a member of the Engineering club, I was able to apply all the crucial skills needed to enable me to build a functioning prosthetic hand using cardboard, straws, and string. My academic achievements didn't go unrecognized, as I was exclusively selected to be granted an award by my school's chemistry department.

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