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The rapid developments and achievements in aircraft and aerospace technologies have interested me and motivated me to pursue a career in the field of Aeronautical Engineering.

I am passionate about this field as I read literature on a variety of aircraft, their design and roles. I feel I have an understanding about the demands of the degree as my elder brother has successfully completed a degree and PhD in Aeronautics at Imperial College.

A key factor in my decision were my visits to the Farnborough Airshow on many occasions, where I had the chance to see some of the world's most advanced aircraft and aerospace technologies. These visits captured my imagination and the aircraft and technology on display were exciting

I also attended a five day summer school at Imperial College as an introduction to engineering which made clear the contribution of core engineering disciplines (such as structures and materials) to aeronautics. I had the opportunity to meet and discuss aspects of engineering with undergraduates reading different engineering degrees

This gave me some insight into the scope and application of engineering in general

I have always taken a keen interest in extra-curricular activities and a variety of sports. I have represented my school in cricket for five consecutive years, have been part of the school football team and also greatly enjoy playing tennis.

Amongst my other interests, I quite enjoy desktop design and publishing and I am fluent in many industry standard software packages

I am currently working on a voluntary basis for a graphic design and layout company to which I contribute computer aided designs. I have also had the opportunity to develop my organisational and teamwork skills when I helped organise a local community five-a-side football tournament. It was sponsored by a local business and attracted over twenty teams.

I was elected to represent my form, at my previous school, on the school council which involved organising the annual achievements assembly. I take an active interest in discussion and debate, an interest which I furthered through organising a discussion/debating forum at school that tackled a variety of subjects.

Through organising presentations and chairing events in front of large audiences, I was able to develop both my communication and presentation skills. I have now organised a similar setting at college where many different issues are raised and discussed.

I was part of a mentoring scheme developed by the school, which involved local businesses, to help younger children at school with troublesome experiences such as bullying. Linked to this, I have recently joined a youth forum in my locality and have helped it organise its recent campaign against drug abuse amongst teenagers.

My interest in aircraft has been reinforced by the subjects I study which form the foundation of engineering in general and specifically aeronautics.

Aeronautics will also offer the opportunity to develop some of the concepts I have covered in Mathematics and Physics that I take a specific interest in such as Mechanics and the Laws of Motion.

A key aspect of my interest in engineering is that it further applies the theories, tools and concepts within these subjects in a practical context. I hope to elaborate upon my interests in these subjects during the course of my degree.

I believe that by studying Aeronautics I will be combining both my academic and long-standing interests in this ever-expanding field.

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As a professional

As a professional aeronautical engineer i personally cannot stand the word "Aeronautics"!

i truly concur

i truly concur

where did u get in

where did u get in

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