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I have always been interested in the working aspect of the society, but i was not until i came across a book called "civil engineer's hand book of proffesional practice" by Karen Lee Hansen and Kent E. Zenobia that i really began thinking about civil engineering with construction management a potential career.

Civil engineering with construction management appeals to me because they are central figure in community development. Without their unique talents, communities would not grow and prosper. Building and roads provide the basis of city infrastructure, and i think my personality and experience would make the study of it very useful. In my life, i have been lucky enough to travel to different state in Nigeria, which made me want to know more about how city infrastructure differs around world, and how different countries might deal with their own aspect of community development. It's really to see how different countries make facsinated infrastructures, that were only design concepts, becomes reality.

My natural curiosity and interest in how society made their community development, lead me to choose civil engineering as my career path. In school, i choose to enroll in subjects that allows me to dive deeper into the area of construction management, focusing heavily on the modernised infrastructure of different society around the world. By researching immense structral projects from The Great Wall of China to the Bruj Khalifa in Dubai revealed my interest in civil engineering.

As a determined individual, i am eager to solve complications methodically and logically, as i enjoy tackling mathematical problems and embracing challenges. I believe my strengths lies in mathematics, so i took extra maths classes that have improved my problem-solving skills. I enjoyed trigonometry especially because of the challenge of solving problems. I also choose physics because it's a link to engineering and i started to appreciate the subject because of it's logical reasoning.

In 2018, i went to an excursion trip to one of the states in Nigeria called Katsina, with a group of students and teachers. This was my first experience with travelling, and it lead to my current passion for more travel and exploration. It was my first trip to a construction company in which we were shown alot of experience on construction of roads and building.

In 2019, this passion lead me to Abuja, Nigeria where i gained more knowledge, transferable skills such as responsibility, communication skills, and motivation, these are useful in civil engineering and many other institutions and industries. My career ambition is to become a structural engineer and in doing so a chartered civil engineer. In today's society, civil engineering change people's life for a better change and i want to be part of that change.

Through out this years, i strongly believe that my flair for science combined with my enthusiam for problem solving and overcoming difficult challenges will allow me to excel in this course. Studying in the university of UK would be perfect cause studying in another country would further broaden my prospective, and would be the first step to building my future.

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I wrote and rewrote this about five times, getting advice from friends, families and teachers along the way. I wasn't completely sure what universities would be looking for in a personal statement, but this is what i ultimately come up with


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