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From a young age, I have been fascinated by engineering, the built environment and the way machines work to aid everyday life. The concept of combining maths, physics and logic to find innovative solutions to problems really interests me and this is what attracts me to engineering.

I first encountered engineering during my high school studies when preparing to choose my option subjects at GCSE. I was introduced to the main principles of engineering such as using creative design and teamwork to achieve set goals. I was instantly intrigued and certain that this was the career for me.

Upon choosing engineering I focused on developing the skills and qualities needed for success. In October 2009, I took the initiative to participate in the Manchester Internships programme and was awarded a placement with leading construction company Laing O'Rourke within their infrastructure business.

I worked closely with a team of engineers working on the Manchester Metrolink Phase 3A extension project which is planned to stimulate growth in the city and make Greater Manchester more sustainable.

During my ten week voluntary placement, I gained an excellent insight into engineering. This also included a real learning experience of all the stages involved in the design and build of a construction project. It was a fantastic learning opportunity working on a high profile project and making a contribution which will form a part of Manchester's future.

Throughout my internship I used a number of technical instruments such as an optical level and EDM total station. I learnt the importance of accuracy and why engineers take precise measurements instead of estimates. Precision is an essential quality which differentiates engineering from other professions.

I am a perfectionist and I have an attention for detail when developing solutions to technical problems. I also learned to appreciate the importance of communication and teamwork and that the success of a project hinges on the effectiveness of the project team.

In May 2009 I was one of eleven students on my college course selected to travel to Dubai to investigate the pioneering structural and geotechnical engineering used on the land reclamation project, Palm Island.

During our visit, we were invited to Nakheel headquarters and shown a presentation of the challenges faced in constructing the artificial island. I was intrigued by the dilemma they faced on producing energy to power the additional island which lead me to think about the application of renewable energy.

The trip helped to develop my problem solving ability and adapt my knowledge to new and challenging situations beyond the scope of my collage work.

I am very driven and always like to use my time constructively. In 2009 I embarked on completing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards as an extracurricular commitment. I particularly enjoyed developing my teamwork and leadership skills whilst on orienteering expeditions.

This was a very rewarding experience for me and having successfully achieved my bronze award I am currently working towards my silver.

When not studying or partaking in extracurricular activities, I enjoy keeping fit by regularly attending my local gym up to four times a week.

This helps me push myself further each visit and also improve my physical fitness to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dedication and commitment are transferable qualities I have used in all aspects of my life.

I hope you can consider me for a place at your university as it will provide me with a solid base for a successful career in engineering.

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This personal statement was written by luky0514 for application in 2011.

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The University of Sheffield
The University of Salford
The University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham

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I first started my UCAS application at the end of September 2010. It seems a little early but it is definately true to say, the earlier you apply the better chance you have of being accepted or made an offer. I worked on my personal statement for over a month and amended over five drafts until I finally revised it to be relevant and under the word/line limit. I also contacted my former mentor who I worked with on an internship placement earlier in the year to go over my statement and to also stand as a referee. I think having got an practicing civil engineer (my mentor) to go through it and make relevant amendments gave my personal statement the edge. I hope this helps future engineering applicants.


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