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My father's career has really inspired my so that I got a great interest in constructing buildings, houses in general.

When I was a kid of 5 years old, I was usually taken to a trip of holiday mixed with my father's business which was supervising at construction sites far away from home.

It got into me as fast as I enjoyed my holiday with my family at my father's working places. I consider myself to be lucky to have a change of studying abroad in the UK which is to have more chance of approaching a higher level of my passion.

I'm particularly interested in civil engineering. People want a good house to live in, a good place to work at, and a modern architectural building for their family; and I'm no exception. I want what people want but in my own way of constructing. I dream of my own house in the future that I design myself stands on a solid foundation.

I have, with determination and enthusiasm, experienced a completely new life and culture which gives me the chance to conquer and surpass the challenges within myself.

Taking advantage of the high quality of teaching and well-equipped facility, I started A-level in Newcastle College as a first step to the universities beginning of a bright open future with the aid of my strength in mathematics.

My English last year was 6.0 IELTS which I think was quite good, besides that, I had lived in a home stay for long enough to improve my English.

I now can listen, read, speak and understand English well so I believe I won't have any problem taking my lecture properly.

I love puzzles, playing Lego with my brother as I think there are some parts of doing those things has connection with what I want to study - my ambition.

Calculating logical equations, numbers and solving mathematical problem have fascinated me. One more thing is that I have a good knowledge of using computer. I'm interested in computing as much as construction. I have never been to any official classes of programming but I did study on my own.

It helps me to think more logically by using programming code and how to combine software with hardware at which desktop can be at best performance. This skill will also be useful for me to do researching and presentation at university course.

I am particularly suited to the demanding nature of the course because of my love for the subject as well as my interest to further my knowledge in the field.

I have both widen and deepen my knowledge in my study field as well as I have a big advantage that I have the same ambition with my father who has been in this career for more than 20 years of experiences who can teach me what I need to fulfil the course's requirement.

With strong confidence, determination and enthusiasm; I eagerly look forward to the undergraduate study and to all the challenges I shall face. This will give me an invaluable thing: maturity!

I'm interested in taking part in outside activities. Sport is my biggest interest after all; especially football and table tennis, but I love football the most. Arsenal is my love.

My all time favourite player is Dennis Bergkamp. I play football as a part of keeping me healthy and, moreover, doing what I love the most.

I had been youth team captain, reserve team of Arsenal Fan Club in Vietnam in the position of a goalkeeper for 2 years before I chose my path of studying abroad. It was a valuable period of time for me when I really had good friends, being a leader, winning award for goalkeeper personally, winning a league with the team and most importantly, learn how to co-operate with teammate.

That was the forum where I took part in the most unofficial charity activities in Vietnam. Besides football and sports, I'd love to lie down in my bed listening to music all day. Any kind of music would do as long as it pleases me, makes me feel calm and relax.

Movie is another way of entertaining myself and Forrest Gump is the best. I don't really read book but my favourite is always “chicken soup for the soul” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

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This personal statement was written by Thang.Arsenal for application in 2008.

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This is my Personal statement.
Plz give me some comment so I know what I should do to make it better.


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very good

Terrible. So many gramatical

Terrible. So many gramatical mistakes and irrelevant information. Just rubbish.

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I am so grateful for your article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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