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I have always been fascinated by the way police deal with stressful and demanding situations and find that when I always see them in the street in their uniform I want to be looked upon as an integral part of a community. For some time now I have considered the prospects of university and what it will be like to learn in such a compelling environment.

I think that the policing course will provide me with all the essential knowledge to become an outstanding police officer therefore, I am looking forward to all of the topics covered but most of all the practical work, because I will be able to show what I can do best, although the 'operational policing' topic seems very interesting.

As you will notice on my UCAS form I took sociology and there is a reason for this and that is because of the crime and policing topic which I am doing this year, despite all of the other topics that were interesting this is by far the most motivating topic in attracting me to your course. I think that crime and policing is fascinating topic and I will enjoy the course to my full potential.

I think it might be good to mention that I have had to rely on the police in the past and found that they dealt with my situation effectively, and prepared me to finally make the decision to become a police officer. There is little I have done that relates to the course because of the age restrictions that I have later mentioned, but that does not make me less enthusiastic about the topic in fact it makes me want to do it more because of the fact I want to learn much more about the subject.

To learn a little more I am currently reading a book called 'Policing a diverse society' by a man called Phil Clements. At the moment the book Is very appealing and was made for foundation degree students and is a perfect asset to my application.

In year 10 I applied for my work experience with my local police station unfortunately I wasn't old enough, therefore I went on a placement where I could get a good understanding of helping people and get a real feel of a working environment, similar to that of working with the police. I have been awarded a CSLA (community sports leader award), in which we had to teach and look after year 2's to year 6's and part of this was 10 hours of community work with a local primary school teaching kids basketball. From the community work with the CSLA I have gained a greater understanding of helping in a community, a prospect which I am greatly looking forward to in the police force.

When I'm not in school and in my free time I like to enjoy a good game of badminton, or if that's not available I will either go to the gym or go for a swim to keep fit. I have been fond of badminton since I can remember and have always been keen on the sport. I currently have a part-time job at a hotel where I live in which I prepare food and make deserts and starters. I generally have this job to save money for university and monthly necessities.

I am seriously looking forward to your course and the enjoyment and work of university life. After I complete my foundation degree, with all of the skills, knowledge and work with the Northampton police, I hope to peruse my chosen career path and become a member of the Great British police force.

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This personal statement was written by Goode for application in 2008.

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Its not what I thing I want to know what you all think =)


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what university was this policing course that u applied for at please?


excuse me mr! i have asked u a question please answer it!!! rudeness!!


helllooooooooooooooooooo anybody here

me and u x x

ow long did tha take ya 5 minits x x x x i want u! x x x x


Sorry I have been soo busy with all this school work and so on. I applied to Northampton, Canterbury, Wolverhampton, Huddersfield and Cumbria.

oh did this statement get you

oh did this statement get you in to one of the universities or not??


very nice thanks

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