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Compassion, and care for the broken, deep-rooted feelings for the hurting, and the sincere desire to see the restoration of life, hope, and joy to the emotionally unstable through the use of my acquired knowledge and inherent graces/abilities in this regard has driven me so passionately into the pursuit and maintenance of a career in the therapeutic industry, to seek for the job of an assistant to the certified physiotherapist.

I am driving most especially by the force of love and compassion for the weak, sick, hurting, and, recuperating ones who may not have anyone closely encouraging, motivating, and inspiring them toward the possibility of a quick recovery, and total restoration to health. These broken, hurting, and incapacitated individuals deserve to be loved, they deserve to be attended to, and they deserve to be served by the completely healthy and totally whole ones.

I have the mindset and understanding that this set of people did not and could not have gotten themselves in the position of incapacitation by choice or will, it is just circumstantial and accidental that they got to be in the position of needing support and the help of others to be able to do the things that they ordinarily could do for themselves and by themselves in the past.

I strongly hold the belief that one of, if not the most honorable thing to do in life is to be a supporting arm for the feeble, weak, broken, and hurting ones. They deserve to be helped, they deserve to be served, and they equally deserve to be happy; to achieve these in their lives, they need a happy, jovial, well-behaved, tolerant, resilient, and self-motivated personality who can compassionately manage their situations, smile through the entire process of service rendition cum provision of unconditional love and care.

To this end, I hold firm the belief that caring for this class of people should be a job well sought after, and tenaciously pursued by every well-meaning and loving individual.

I discharge my duties with extreme joy and excitement, because I do not see it just as an end to a means, but first with the perception that it is a worthy service to divinity and humanity, and with the understanding that caregiving and assistance provision is a calling to which I am called to operate within.

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As a graduate student with a Diploma in Theology, one of the courses I studied in school are HUMAN RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE, COUNSELLING, AND PSYCHOLOGY, with the knowledge acquired in school and the inherent abilities within me, I strongly hold the belief that caring for people with any form of incapacitation, whether temporal or permanent, ought to be the responsibility the rest of us who are whole and complete, who might not be needing any kind of external support to be able to do the normal things of life.


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