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My decision to pursue physiotherapy as a career was born out of my interest in human biology and my passion for helping people in need. This passion has been deepened by my work experience in Germany and South Africa. I believe that it is vitally important that a multi-disciplinary team works together to help restore optimal function to a patient. A physiotherapist, by devising and reviewing treatment programmes, using manual therapy such as massage, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy techniques plays a vital role in the rehabilitation and recovery of a patient.
I am specifically interested in geriatric physiotherapy and the vital role it can play in poor areas. A physiotherapist plays a key role in enabling the elderly to use their bodies fully to enhance mobility and independence. I realised how difficult it is for someone who has had a stroke to find themselves dependent on others for the basic activities of daily living. However, I saw how, with physiotherapy exercise and lots of patience and firm encouragement, an acute stroke patient can be rehabilitated after being totally bedridden and dependent. By dealing with an elderly patient's fear of being dependent, by helping them to do basic chores and learning to sit I realised how motivating the impact of physiotherapy can be.
In a poor, rural area of South Africa, with minimum resources and space, patients could be helped using physiotherapy. I saw the effectiveness of hands-on patient care combined with empathy, knowledge, initiative and patience. This taught me the importance of empathy as you have to understand the patient's situation and to motivate them using effective communication.
In contrast, work experience in Germany was in a modern, fully equipped hospital. Whilst working with nurses I was taught how to remove bandages and staple stitches. I learnt to work competently under pressure, follow instructions carefully and also to communicate effectively with patients and staff even though I am unable to speak fluent German. I adapted quickly using my GCSE German language skills and managed to converse with them at a basic level. I learnt that I am a resilient and flexible person who can adapt to new environments rapidly, despite being out of my comfort zone. I am able to learn new skills quickly and to execute them competently. I also know when to ask for help to complete work that is outside my skills-set.
My commitment to physiotherapy has shaped many of my life decisions as I recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only to cope with the physical and mental demands of a career in physiotherapy, but also to be an example to the patients under my care. I work part-time as a waitress in a busy restaurant which has enhanced my multitasking skills and my ability to work under pressure. I have learnt to be quick and efficient, ensuring customers have a good experience. By using appropriate language and adapting it to the customers, I ensure that their orders are taken correctly and any problems are resolved to the best of my ability. I completed NCS which further developed my team work skills in organizing a charity event to raise money. This also enhanced my problem solving skills to meet non-negotiable deadlines for the event as we encountered a problem with the event's location.
As a physiotherapist, I would value the privilege of occupying a position of trust and to work in a team of equally passionate individuals to bring about improved health and fitness to patients particularly the elderly. I am confident that being conscientious, self-disciplined and compassionate that I will thrive in this career choice.

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Cardiff- conditional (DDD)
UWE- conditional (DDD)
Bradford (integrated masters) - conditional (DDD)
Winchester- conditional (DDM)
UEA- no offer

I was predicted a DDD in BTEC Applied Science (Medical)


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