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To venture into the realm of science and physical health is like to explore a boundless horizon. We have to devote our entire lives to unfolding secrets after secrets, without becoming complacent over any success.

Overwhelmed by the role of physiotherapy it has played in our healthcare system, I am driven into the pursuit of a career in physiotherapy since it involves the fields of biology, technology and medicine in which I am interested. I am interested in becoming a physiotherapist.

My dedication to studying physiotherapy ignited when I consulted a physiatrist. She used various kinds of methods to relieve my pain and helped me to walk again. After several weeks of rehabilitation, my broken leg got quick recovery. I was grateful to her. I started to realize that being a physiatrist is a wonderful career that helps people to recover and regain vigor. Ever since, I have been enthusiastic about learning more about physiotherapy.

To grasp an understanding of physiotherapy, I partook in a talk organized by the Department of Health which was mainly about the role a physiatrist played in. Apart from the talk, I fortunately had an opportunity to enrich my knowledge during my visit to Hong Kong University. It was an eye opener, letting me know more how a physiatrist can help people.

Years ago, I helped my mother through her battle with spinal cord injury by giving her massages that helped to relieve her stress, thus improving her mobility. Furthermore, I volunteered to give a helping hand to my local hospital. Through the talks I had with the patients, I had been given opportunities to understand their plight. Of them, one suffered from osteoarthritis, which tortured her day and night. After I gave her messages and therapeutic exercises for weeks, she had exceptional improvement in her mobility. She hugged me with a kiss, and said to me that “You should become a physiotherapist, when you grow up.” I was over joyous and shyly replied that “I hope I will be” This incident stimulated me to become a physiatrist when I grow up.

The fact that I have chosen Chemistry, Physic and Mathematics as elective subjects in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education is out of my desire to choose physiotherapy in my tertiary education. In my view, Chemistry can sharpen my problem-solving skills, while Physics and Mathematics help develop my logical analytical thinking which are essential in the healthcare sector.

Besides, I constantly read Per Henrik Ling’s books that talk about the anatomy and physiology. I am fascinated by his idea of using message to restore bodily health instead of taking medicine which may have side effect on our health. His works increase my interest in physiotherapy.

While I was in my secondary school, I would take part in various activities. These have promoted my communication skill in order to work things out. I also participated in class committee for three years. In the group, I learned how to get along with others and realized that team spirit was of paramount importance when we were doing projects and working as a team. In addition, I joined a great many volunteer projects, ranging from visiting elderly homes, selling flags for charity to holding a stall in a carnival. In 2015, I was appointed a peer counselor, responsible for tutoring younger fellows in Chemistry and Physics. I reinforced what I had learned by teaching them.

I like doing sports and in particular jogging , yoga and playing badminton. My willingness to accept new ideas and try new things has led me to develop diverse interests not just in sports, but also to reading, drawing and listening to music.

Finally, I consider myself as a caring and passionate person, driven by the aspiration to help others. Studying physiotherapy is my ambition and I hope I will be given an opportunity to satisfy my scientific curiosity and utilize the knowledge I learn to help others.

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