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Mathematics and Physics have always been my favourite subjects throughout my schooling career, mostly due to the implications on the real world.

By taking Mechanical Engineering at university, I have the opportunity to continue with these two passions of mine. I have enjoyed carrying out practical experiments which can then be proved using mathematical calculations.

I took part in a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and specialised in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (REME) section. In this, five pupils maintained and repaired old cars then use them to practise driving skills on the school grounds.

This has given me an insight of the engineering behind everyday cars and has increased my enthusiasm to study engineering at university and then possibly begin a career in this field. Over the summer, I arranged for an expert to take me out to see a nodding donkey and explain how they worked. Nodding donkeys are structures used to collect oil from the ground using fairly simple techniques and mechanical gears

Sport has led a major role in my life over the recent years. I have regularly taken part in inter-house matches in rugby, basketball, hockey, and five a side indoor football and represented my school in rugby. I also enjoy running and have taken part in two long distance races, one of which was sponsored and for charity.

Music has also been a large influence on my life as I have been playing the Alto Saxophone since I was nine years of age. I feel music is essential as it can be used to relax from the hectic school days.

There are frequent Political Society and Science Society meetings that I regularly attend which greatly helped me as they expand my knowledge and showed me how theories learnt in lessons were put into practice in real life situations.

I find these societies to be very intriguing because they offer me the chance to talk in depth to experts about subjects that they specialise in and have come to talk at the meetings about, thus broadening my knowledge and interest in the subjects I take part in

As an Upper Sixth House Prefect, I have had to take on many new responsibilities and have learnt a lot about myself. My main role around house as a prefect was to organise chores and jobs that needed to be done. This has taught me a lot about organising things well in advance and making sure everyone can do what they are asked efficiently.

In Lower 6th, I was on a team of seven pupils elected to run a fête during a school sports day. On this committee, I found that much planning needs to be done in preparation for such large scale events and even the smaller tasks needed to be done well in advance

When things needed done, leadership skills came into place to delegate tasks and bring all of the events together. On the day, the seven pupils had to perform under pressure which we did and the fête was a success.

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The last two paragraphes was

The last two paragraphes was a waste of time and space...nothing is important for them but the rest was OK



i'm liking the first comment

i'm liking the first comment lol



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