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As a child, I thrived on analysing the things surrounding me and asking the big questions, which later lead to my fascination with problem-solving. My excitement for business was sparked when I chose it as a subject at GCSE, there is something about business that allowed me to be analytical and logical when deciding which options were best for specific case studies in exams; I enjoyed picking these case studies/ industries apart and wish to be more innovative with my ideas in a practical way.

Personal areas of interest that drive me to get a business degree are the topics of managing people and finance- with Taylor's Scientific management theory being a specific example where businesses pay workers based off of productivity to get workers to do better which is essential to large businesses.

During my participation in the JP Morgan APP internship programme I was able to refine my communication, leadership, analytical and critical thinking skills. An illustrative example of this, was when I had to conduct research for part of a presentation on a selection of 4 companies to determine whether they were a good investment for JP Morgan; here I took the lead and delegated tasks to each individual based on their strengths and I took it upon myself to primarily focus on ASOS, the investment we collectively decided as the worst, which had poor CSR, a current ratio below 1.1:1 and low-profit margins in comparison to the rest- which my group discussed and based our decision on.

This experience enabled me to enhance my listening and teamwork skills by engaging with my team members to make an informed decision through the use of collective research and data analysis to express our opinions to form an agreed decision to present. I became determined and inspired to work with various groups of people from different cultures and backgrounds which fits hand in hand with a job in business and further broadened my interest in wanting to understand more motivational theories.

I'm a proactive person with a love for knowledge.I find joy in reading a variety of books. My favourite book relating to business is 'Black box thinking'- written by Matthew Syed. It's a personal favourite, it talks about what makes success and applies theoretical concepts to real-life practical examples which are exhilarating! An example that sticks with me describes how Dyson saw a flaw in his vacuum and had the motivation to deconstruct the problem by thinking outside the box to solve it in an innovative way.

This example proves how business surrounds us even in the small things and each problem follows up with an idea that can be marketed to create a strong brand. This book has allowed me to gain more practical knowledge and a more creative outlook on even the smallest of ideas- a product I designed as part of the Vodafone virtual work experience I did in August was a walking stick equipped with object recognition and detection for the blind that was inspired by this book and problems my blind grandad faces.

Geography has contributed to my knowledge of various cultures as well as the impact of de-industrialization on UK businesses and how it presented the opportunity cost of reducing jobs in primary and secondary sectors for businesses to produce units faster e.g replacing people with machines. Geographical data representation provided me with quantitative skills e.g interpreting graphs and figures, helping me assess the validity of data to draw up accurate conclusions. Finance has equipped me with an understanding of how changes in the economy impact business functions e.g. how covid caused a recession as economic activity declined as we were in lockdown, causing businesses to collapse. Business provides endless prospects that ignite my innovative mind.

I look forward to applying theories and ideas in a more practical manner and also the invaluable opportunities university life will provide.

Business & Management with study abroad
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My personal statement that got me offers from:
- The University of Durham: Business and Management with study abroad (N207)
- The University of Bath: Business with professional placements (N100)
- The University of Bath: International Management (NN12)
- The University of Warwick: International Management including year abroad (N290)


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