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“The time is always right, to do what is right” – Martin Luther King Jr.

As a young child living on the breadline with my mother and my sister, money has always been the measurement of anything that was deemed to be relevant. The lack thereof, or on rare occasions’ the abundance of, money designated how my days would pan out, so being the ever inquisitive child that I was I figured the best thing for me to do would be to learn how money moves around; where it comes from, where it goes, how to make it, and to how spend it effectively, which led to me turning my focus to the study of business. It intrigued me how a wide ranging and vast the opportunities were to a successful entrepreneur, and once I conducted personal research projects on two of the UKs’ most famous businessmen, Sir Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson, I was sold. Business management to me means the application of everything I am genuinely interested in, such as the growth, maintenance, and development of a company, healthy competition, hard work, and determination, and also things I find I am intuitively good at, such as being a leader, making tough decisions, thorough thought analysis, and teamwork. These factors have moulded and shaped the way I live my life since my teenage years, and will ensure my later years are as successful as I planned.

My first real dose of management experience came when I was working as a Youth Ambassador for Genesis Community, in 2005. This role had me implementing and carrying out my own projects, right from the initial brainstorm of what the young people I was working with would enjoy, to the evaluation, and development of further events. I was working in four London boroughs; Brent, Barnet, Camden, and Westminster, and also out in Hertfordshire, with young people ranging from 7 to 16 years of age conducting youth club evenings, organising trips, organising events, carrying out one to one meetings, and in a few cases helping out children who just needed someone to talk to. My crowning glory came when I had the idea to get all of these areas to take part in an inter-borough basketball tournament and I was in charge of everything; initial research, outreach and communication, promotion, organisation of venues and coaches, project maintenance, execution, and evaluation. It was a tremendous effort to get everybody working together, but in the end it was well worth it, and the tournament was a complete success. As the project leader I was expected to demonstrate excellent organisational skills, be a motivational force, and inspirational teacher.

A short time after I had a child which resulted in me working various jobs from admin assistant for a small firm, telesales for a medium sized organisation, and warehouse staff for a large one, and what always struck me as interesting was the different managers approaches to working. My last position in a large warehouse with several different levels of management above me, some good and some not so good, was the pivotal moment when I decided to no longer sit around and talk about what I would like to do, but to grab my education career with two hands and become the leader I knew I could be. I enrolled and studied business and finance for a year at another institution, before deciding they couldn’t offer me anything close the support I could receive at a university like Greenwich School of Management. I conducted more research into the establishment and, after consulting with two people I know who attend the school, decided this was definitely the place for me. The environment seems really positive and lively, with the extracurricular events fitting right into my social life.

I was invited to perform at an open mic night, put on by students of GSoM, which for me was a great networking opportunity as in my spare time I am actively pursuing a music career in rapping, producing, song writing and studio engineering. These skills have been extensively developed over the last 13 years of my life; I began writing music at 13, producing at 15, and engineering at 18, all completely self taught and has earned me a growing reputation. My personal development through the theory of music took years of patience and dedication, data analysis, discrepancy identification, an open minded approach to problem solving, being very concise when self evaluating and taught me how to be adaptable and calm when under pressure to achieve results in the most time efficient manner. Creating a song has similar properties to creating a successful business venture, in my experience. From this course i expect to gain a much stronger base of business wisdom, especially focussing on management and financial fields. My final vision is that this course will enable me to become a financial consultant within the next 5 - 7 years, and I believe with the knowledge and wisdom I already own thrown in to the equation, the time is right to build my future.

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