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The role of a leader can be tough. Motivating people, supporting people, making decisions and learning from your mistakes are only just a few things you can expect from managing a team. However if you, your team members and your business prosper and succeed, it gives you a sense of achievement like no other. I have had a taste of this achievement in my experiences of the business world so far, leaving me completely certain that Business Management is the course and career for me.

Headlines relating to economic affairs are splashed over the media every single week, causing controversy and debate - being able to understand and have my own opinions about these affairs is what makes studying Economics really interesting. Geography has links to business, as I have read the effect businesses can have on globalisation, communication and the welfare of the population. Learning why people behave and act in a certain way and about what mankind is capable of, is the most engaging part of Psychology. The study of this subject has links to consumer behaviourism and aspects of marketing, great for many types of Management courses. Having developed communication skills increases the chance of success in any career; English helps me to achieve this quality in both writing and speaking, from reading influential and timeless texts, to analysing spoken language and conversation. This combination of subjects has given me the skills to be analytical and perceptive - useful attributes for my future studies.

Throughout Year 12, I was elected Managing Director in my local Young Enterprise scheme. My group developed a fantastic clothing company called 'Leave The Building' which placed third in our county's finals and achieved 'Best Company Report of the Year'. Completing this role was the most challenging experience of my life, but also the most rewarding. Because of our innovative recycled clothing idea, we were sought out by The Clothes Show Live to have a retail stand at their event. This in itself emphasises the true potential our company has, all because of team work and the desire to stand out. The judges recognised my managerial talents which developed during the competition, and so I was asked to become a Business Advisor for the next year's competitors - an opportunity that I could not turn down.

In Year 13, I am taking part in "Target 2.0: Interest Rate Challenge". As part of a team, we will act as the Monetary Policy Committee, present our assessment of the economic condition and give advice on what political action should be taken. Standing in front of people who will be judging you can be a daunting thought to some, however for me it is a chance to build my ability of public speaking.

Being part of a national business and learning about how they operate is just one of the benefits I have gained working as a checkout operator. This job has shown me how fundamental managerial skills are in order to keep the business operations running smoothly, and gives me an insight into retail - a sector which I am particularly enthused by.

At the age of 16, I applied to take part in BBC's 'Young Apprentice' Programme. I reached 4 out of 5 stages in the selection process, beating thousand's of applicants. The process consisted of applications, interviews and speeches in front of fellow candidates and producers of the show. The pressure mounted steadily as I tried my best to prove I had the ambition and potential to be an apprentice of a world-famous business tycoon. I was ecstatic with how far I reached in the process whilst I gained experience of being in high-pressured situations.

I have never wasted an opportunity to succeed and prove my worth. Whenever there is an activity, experience or task that will both challenge and benefit me, then I pride myself on being the first to get stuck in. There is no doubt that I will carry this on into my further studies and career; helping me to become the influential leader in business I aspire to be.

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