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Business, whether studied or practised is an enthralling notion. Our modern day world is increasingly dominated by business, either local or global. Business impacts everybody. This alone captivates me and the crucial concept of entrepreneurship and innovation persists to intrigue me also and impels me to continue my studies within Business.

My enthusiasm and inspiration to study Business stems from my interest in the dynamics and complexities of business itself which I gained from my Year 9 business teacher, ultimately resulting in me achieving an A* grade and igniting a new found zest for the subject. Since studying the subject at A level my understanding and interest has heightened. Furthermore, the other A level subjects I am studying have given me a firm footing to study a Business Management degree. Additionally, I opted for Business degree as it is extremely diverse and widely recognised. I am an outgoing, optimistic individual and throughout my studies I have continually demonstrated my tenacious and perceptive personality. English Literature has encouraged me to apply critical thinking to a range of situations, this has enhanced my ability to assess and make conclusive judgements, it has also enriched my essay writing ability, which has complemented my business studies work. Psychology has enabled me to understand customer behaviour and how this may influence business decisions. History, has refined my analytical skills and has given me the confidence to undertake self-directed independent learning and tackle problems logically.

I keep up-to-date by regularly visiting the Business Insider as it is necessary to be able to relate my studies to current affairs. During Year 11, as a project I had to design a product. This included finding a suitable target market and then also researching promotional methods, such as social media or website pop ups. I particularly enjoyed this due to my creative and innovative nature. I recently completed an Extended Project Qualification about the impacts of the British exit from the European Union on business. One industry I focused on in particular is the farming industry. I focused my research here as I believe in purchasing locally sourced meat to support local farmers. I found that the exit has benefited the pig farming industry, as the introduction of import taxes on pork has caused the price of foreign imported pork to increase, meaning consumers are more likely to purchase British pork due to it being cheaper in price.

Through working two part-time jobs experience has taught me that if you work hard enough you can achieve what you aim to, in my case this was buying my first car. This is a value I continue to apply to everyday life. Sprinting one hundred metres competitively at county level has reinforced this philosophy, I have dedicated many hours to volunteering with younger students developing their athletic skills. I have completed a work -shadowing placement at -. This was beneficial as it aided my knowledge on how negotiation and communication is vital. I am the secretary of the student union at my college, we have organised many charity events. Through being delegated this level of responsibility my leadership skills have developed profoundly, which I shall be able to transition into my further education.

Collectively, the knowledge and experience I have acquired, has moulded me into an ideal candidate to study Business at university! Ideally upon completion of my degree I aim to own my own catering company. Studying at university will enable me to fulfil my academic potential, making me an excellent addition to your university.

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