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In his father´s arms, a man looks hopelessly towards the ceiling - his pale, fragile corpse slowly decaying towards death. In the 90´s, the fashion brand Benetton used a real photograph of an AIDS-infected man, exploiting him to sell clothes, and thereby starting a controversial debate whether morally questionable portrayals should be used as a means of advertising for profit maximisation.
When I was first confronted with Benetton´s uncommon advertisement, I was inquisitive of what strategies businesses pursue to release provocative advertisements. Thus, I chose this topic as my high school graduation thesis with the title Shock advertising – attention at all cost? Based on the gained theoretical knowledge and the analysis of practical examples, the results of a self-conducted survey underline the effects of a shock advertising campaign that I created. I am pleased that my school awarded it as an exemplary thesis for upcoming students as it reflects all my hard work and dedication.
Studying geography and economics for matriculation has provided me with awareness that economics nearly affect every segment of our society. It sparked my particular interest how businesses adapt to changing environments.
Growing up in a small Austrian town, I always had the desire to explore other cultures and expand my knowledge about the world. During my gap year, I worked in Greece, Scotland, Canada, the United States and Mexico, which provided me with valuable insight into universally operating companies and NGOs. Moreover, I developed the ability to work in challenging and unfamiliar environments to overcome cultural differences. In particular, I was shaped by my job as a guest instructor for Waterhouse education centre in Veracruz, Mexico. My duties not only involved tutoring English but also developing its education system and marketing strategies which contributed to my general interest of businesses.
To reach the education centre´s target group of students, I established an Instagram account which regularly updates its followers about events and new offers. Currently, it has more than 1700 subscribers and became a new communication method. These experiences helped me reaffirm my strong passion for marketing and organisation, which is precisely why I want to pursue a degree in business and management as it is not only diverse but it would also aid my marketing aspirations to potentially set up my own business.
Besides my working experiences abroad, I gathered volunteering experiences in charity work, eco projects, general maintenance and child care which taught me relevant life lessons and being resourceful and resilient in demanding situations. I identified that giving something back is a part I thoroughly enjoy.
Throughout my school career, I pursued a career as a competitive Badminton athlete. Even though I have already stopped competing in national and international tournaments to focus on my academic career, I am still occasionally working as a Coach for the Upper Austrian Badminton Association. From the beginning of 2020, I am involved in a voluntary offer as a writer for Badminton Europe, being responsible for the production of engaging and innovative content.
I believe it would be exceptionally helpful to study in Scotland as it further enhances my international experience which is crucial in a globalised world. My involvement in foreign countries enabled me to contrast distinct corporate cultures and getting first-hand experiences in successful enterprises contributed to my general interest in businesses and management.

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Hey, I was applying to Scottish universities in 2020 but Idecided to decline the offers due to so many uncertainties that came up (Corona, Brexit, etc..)
Hope that my personal statement might be useful for other international students.



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