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I’ve been exposed to the world of business most of my life, so I’ve never been short of opportunities to observe entrepreneurs. My mom started her own company when I was 8, and through the years I’ve watched her grow her business. I was intrigued by the constant, exciting network of people around her. This sparked my interest in studying business in an academic setting, broadening the knowledge I felt I had gained, no matter how basic.

In addition, my cousin had a successful restaurant/bar in Brooklyn Heights, New York. I always enjoyed accompanying her on full work days when I would visit, watching her complete everyday tasks and offering my help where needed. I developed important skills such as communication through my interactions with both staff and customers of all ages. I believe that this enabled me to be more confident in terms of conversing and communicating with all types of people, which is very relevant to be able to do in the business world.

I later chose business as one of my subject options at Junior Certificate. At school, I had the opportunity of organising bake sales regularly and taking part in group-orientated creative business campaigns. These experiences helped me in further developing my communication skills as well as my own understanding of organisational capacity. All of this allowed me to begin linking what I was learning in the classroom with what I was gaining from my observations.

At the end of my Junior Certificate studies, I was required to put together a presentation on a local business and therefore, I selected my mom’s company. This helped me learn how to structure information to make it easily understood. My current studies in Economics and Business for Leaving Certificate have improved my understanding of concepts relating to micro-/macro-economics and management, which will be relevant to my undergraduate studies.

As I progress through the course, I realise that I like many aspects of business, such as human resource management, strategic planning and consumer behaviour. It has become evident that I would enjoy studying a broad degree in business that would allow me to expand on topics such as these. I recently completed a research project in Economics concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. This project further advanced my familiarity with academic writing and developed my research skills.

Music has always been an important part of my life. For example, I was previously awarded a scholarship in the Chicago Symphony Youth Orchestra in percussion. I was therefore privileged to perform in my school’s orchestra as their only percussionist. During that time, my role in the orchestra required me to be organised with my scores and instrument, as I was the only student percussionist.

Even after leaving the school, music continues to be a very important part of my life. I have been composing my own music for 8 years, and I plan to develop my passion in this area as part of my post-graduate studies. I also previously took part in team sports including softball, basketball and volleyball. Both of these experiences taught me responsibility, and how to work effectively in a team environment.

I would be interested in joining music-orientated clubs while in university as well as sports clubs offered, such as basketball, volleyball and cheerleading/gymnastics.

Overall, I am excited to pursue my current interests in a business management course.

My goal is to gain a flexible skillset that will empower me to become a successful manager. I believe that the skills I have described in this personal statement have prepared me for third-level education and to make the most of all future opportunities. I am looking forward to a fulfilling university experience.

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I'm an irish student, so we essentially didn't receive a lot of support when writing our UCAS personal statements.


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