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Problem solving is an integral discipline that spans across all aspects of business. It provides depth and challenge and enables me to feel accomplished after successfully solving a problem. In turn, throughout secondary school, I thrived in my mathematics and computer science subjects because they both drove me to use my critical and analytical thinking skills joint with problem solving in order to succeed. This led to me taking up the A-level business course at my college, and it captured my interest immediately by including aspects of both mathematics and computer science; it was clear to me that this is what I want to pursue as my career. I believe I would well suit a business management degree due to the demanding, yet rewarding nature of it. I flourish and provide my best work when set to less traditional or more complex tasks, and consistently meet deadlines due to my perseverant nature.

My current A level study of psychology couples superlatively with my A-level business study. For instance, the use of psychology within organisations can prove to be critical in management - an area of business I am invested in and look forward to developing my knowledge of. My study of BTEC law sets out the key aspects and importance of the legal system which regulates virtually all areas of business, with business law being another sector that I hope to study further. My level 3 mathematical studies course enriches and enhances many of my skills, such as critical data analysis, financial mathematics, estimation, rates of change and graphical methods - all of which play their part in individual elements of business.

After visiting two universities on guided taster-sessions with my secondary school, I was able to gain some insight into university life as a whole. The message I took away from this is that university is an incredibly unique experience that would allow me to blossom independently and shape my future. This solidified my decision on why I wish to progress into higher education. I have also completed the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (known as iDEA), which allowed me to develop my digital and enterprising skills, which has certainly enhanced my work throughout my business A-level.

An achievement that I am extremely proud of is the Christmas coffee morning fundraiser event that I co-organised with my childhood friend for Cancer Research UK in tribute to someone close to us. This meant a lot to me as it was very personal, and gave us the opportunity to fund a cause that is working to save people's lives. It required me to take on a leadership role and display my communication skills through reaching out to local and larger brand businesses for partnership and donations. I also participated in voluntary work during the Race for Life, handing out water bottles and snacks to the runners. At the moment I am in the process of organising a skydive for the charity Zoë's Place Baby Hospice. I'm planning to do this with my father, as it is a cause that we hold close to our heart; I'd like to do the best I can do to give back to a charity that does such amazing, transforming work.

Under my current employment with Halfords Group PLC, I work not only as a co-operative team member but, much more importantly, I have the confidence and expertise to act independently in order to complete my tasks. I am a trusted member of our store, and my decisions are highly regarded by my work-peers. Both completing tasks that have been delegated to me but also delegating to other co-workers enhances my skill-set and essentially prepares me for a future career in business.

I am hoping to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable me to contribute to an employer both efficiently and effectively, in order to take up a career within business analytics or buyer management. The transferable skills I hope to strengthen through my course are my self-awareness and self-management skills as I believe these will be imperative in my career path.

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My personal statement was a leading part of my application, and for it I was offered an unconditional place in Cardiff Metropolitan University, due to my “strong personal statement and profile”.


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