Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Mathematics lies within the dichotomy of Art and Science, requiring left-brain thinking; the seat of analytical thoughts. I have found this same mentality is essential in many coinciding subjects; accounting and finance cannot thrive without the formers existence, and after obtaining vast knowledge in a combination of these subjects I know that I am ready to pursue a career in this field.

Economics is at the core of world discussion, and regular reading of ‘The Times’ has allowed me to keep up to date with global affairs and appreciate that a wide range of key financial concepts fuel real-life events.

It was upon reading magazines such as ‘Deloitte’ that I began to appreciate how international companies are run. My career aspirations were sparked amid reading these articles, in particular how the global markets reacted to the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote – I found the link between politics and the captivating world of the stock market fascinating.

From childhood days of playing mental maths games through to demonstrating my analytical and situational judgement abilities during a KPMG ‘Get Ahead’ session, Maths has engaged my infatuation towards problem solving, and also enhanced my ability to utilise different arithmetical variables.

As well as this, studying A-Level Chemistry and Biology has given me the aptitude to work as a perfectionist in both written and experimental manors- work must be checked continually as there is always room for improvement, which is extremely applicable in the auditing and accounting sectors of finance.

During an unaccompanied trip to Australia in July 2015, I visited the University of Melbourne’s faculty of Business and Economics to delve deeper into the subject. This gave me a fascinating insight into the contrasts between Australian and British financial markets.

Outside of college, I worked part time as a sales assistant in a high street shoe shop for 18 months. During my employment I was kept aware of actual figures against expected targets, and from this I was able to deduce an idea of how the store was profiting financially throughout year.

Working at the shoe shop taught me how to communicate with my colleagues, employer, and more importantly the customers in a respectful and appropriate manner- regardless of the situation at hand. I am able to work successfully both as a team, and independently to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome to both the customer and the company.

I often find myself using an analytical and logical approach to problem solving– skills which are of paramount importance when pursuing a career in the financial industry.

I have also spent time shadowing my Dad who is a Chartered Accountant at Speedy Services; here I worked with the credit control and audit teams, and was given the responsibility of opening new accounts and drafting invoices.

In addition, I am a grade 5 pianist which has enabled me to grasp valuable stress-coping concepts which were reflected during AS exams, and I believe these qualities will be equally as effective when introduced to new topics at University.

Amongst my peers, I am known as the ‘social butterfly’. I am socially dynamic, charismatic and gregarious – qualities which were demonstrated during my time of being a prefect in high school, and will catalyse me when making connections and building enduring relationships during business networking.

The combination of these activities and the attributes gained from them has vastly improved my ability to work alongside others, fuelling my positive and committed attitude to learning new information.

Attending university has been an aspiration of mine from a young age- the thought of taking on new challenges and learning new things infatuates me with a burning desire to succeed. Long term, I plan to one day be able to construct solutions for the economic problems I read about and as a consequence become an asset to a global firm.

Applied for; The University of Manchester The University of Leeds Durham University Lancaster University The University of Liverpool
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