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I have always been an athlete, however, over the past two years I have; through discipline and dedication, transformed from a varsity long distance runner to an advanced powerlifter. One of the rewarding parts of this lifestyle is looking back to see how far I've come. Fellow athletes at my home gym and when I've traveled overseas to visit family have asked frequently for advice and help with their training. Feedback I have received from professionals and fitness enthusiasts has been very positive and congratulatory. Through years of experience and independent research in the field of sport and exercise science, I am immensely fascinated and driven to learn as much as I can to help others experience the incredible effects of this lifestyle. I am excited to expand my knowledge in this subject. I hope to attain the skills needed to work professionally in this area with other likeminded individuals and disciplined athletes.

Fitness has been a great interest since I was a young child. I believe that there are endless benefits that come from this lifestyle, and always encourage others to discover them as I have. I take fitness and health very seriously. While being captain of the varsity girls cross country team in high school I studied exercise physiology; a course designed to follow the curriculum of the American Council of Exercise. I am currently enrolled in the ACE PT Course and intend to take the certification exam this spring.

I have been modeling and promoting fitness regimes for over five years and also trained extensively as a competitive dressage rider. I am skilled in designing individual training programs and have done so for myself, friends and family. I have also made an extensive study of nutrition throughout my life currently focussing on diet plans that support workout programs based on an individual’s goals, strengths and challenges. I have been told by many members of the wellness facility I currently work in that I am an inspiration due to my enthusiasm, commitment and discipline.

My father was born in London and grew up in East Sussex before moving to America, where I was born. Nearly every year since I was born my parents and I would visit family in England. Having been raised in a British household and visited frequently, I have always felt at home when traveling overseas. I have grown up loving the culture in England and never wanting to leave at the end of a visit. After researching a variety of universities in the UK and discovering different opportunities for international students, I knew this was the path I wanted to pursue. It is my dream to study sport science and exercise in England, both a subject and a country that I am in love with completely.

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This is a draft, currently under construction. I am an American born, and British raised athlete. Passionate about and committed to the lifestyle of fitness and healthy living. Would love to see what others think of my personal statement as I have never written one for UK universities.


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