Sports Science Personal Statement Example 8

I am a focused person who puts his all into everything I set my heart on, and with my life I have set up ways in which I will go about achieving the goals and targets I have set myself. In addition, I have made back up plans and smart targets which will help me to move on in case there’s a hump or trouble in the road/path I have set for myself.

I am someone who is trying to go into the football industry and from a young boy I’ve always had my mind set on trying to become a footballer however, growing up I was shown that there are many other things that the football industry can offer other than being a footballer, e.g. there’s being a manager; scout; director of finance; coach; dietician; club owner; accounts executive; concession manager etc.

With the subjects that I have chosen, I believe that from what I have read about each course they each aid me in trying to reach the profession I want to go into also, the course also allows me to expand my knowledge in areas in which I may not have strong knowledge in which I believe would be convenient to have when I go into my profession as having extra knowledge about things that link to your profession is always a good thing to have.

During my past I have worked in jobs which required me to be punctual, show dedication and determination into getting whatever task that is put in front of you done to a good standard and this is qualities that I try to take into everything I do. I have also taken part in activities in Duke of Edinburgh, as well as playing for academy and semi pro football teams where team work and hard work were essential skills and qualities to have.

However, the most important skill/quality that I believe I’ve learnt from these activities was never giving up, because I realised once you give up you never get to really reach your potential and you don’t get to test yourself and see where your boundaries are. I also have qualities which have been learnt from home such as being respectful and being organised; which are I see as the basic qualities one needs in life to help progress in life and be successful.

Listening to music, making music, reading and sleeping are ways in which I tend to keep myself busy when taking a break from doing work as these are my hobbies along with going for a kick a bout with friends and going to the gym. It is a way that I found out helps me to release stress and I believe this is a good way to occupy myself as it is healthy, and keeps me fit as well.

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