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I have chosen to study Sociology at university as the attraction of this subject lies in its ability to make me see life more objectively and critically. Sociology helps me understand people's behaviour, beliefs and identity and we also begin to understand ourselves

Studying Sociology at higher level will provide me with a much deeper insight into complex issues and an ability to develop ideas using my own initiative. Furthermore, I aspire to continue my study of the various roles of society and their functions

I have particularly enjoyed examining the key principles of the English Legal System in Law. Studying Critical Thinking has trained me to look at arguments with a clear eye and present ideas in a logical and coherent way, promoting an enquiring perspective. I hope that through the study of English Language and Literature, I have developed a great precision of thought and an accuracy of expression and intend to utilize these acquired skills and employ them throughout university. I am also currently studying Arabic at twilight classes

Additionally, I make full use of the Saturday classes and the extensive research facilities at the London School of Economics, expanding my sociological and study skills in preparation for university life. I have enjoyed the opportunity of meeting students from other London Boroughs and exchanging different points of view on A Level topics

During the summer of '99, I completed a four-week work placement in a Civil Engineering Depot. The experience gained through dealing with demanding clients strengthened my confidence. Working for Mc Donald's has taught me the importance of teamwork and working as an individual

Both posts helped me improved my interpersonal relationships with the wider community. A year prior to that, I completed courses in 'Creative Writing', 'Leisure and Tourism' and 'Photography' in a Summer University programme. I have gained a place on the 'Hope Youth Corporation', which is a charity affiliation for 'HOPE Worldwide'. A group of teenagers will be sent to Delhi, India over Christmas this year to support and aid orphanages and medical clinic. I am very much looking forward to this experience and hope that it will enable me to identify with the disadvantaged and give me a healthier, more conscious outlook

During my Secondary years at school, I was editor of the school newspaper and help create and make contributions to the website. I was elected to act for my Year in the 'Student Body Council' for two years and represented my school as an "ambassador" in conferences with external officials. I played an active part in the 'Student Crime Prevention Panel' making the school environment safe a secure. I also volunteered as a school counsellor, providing support and encouragement for students who needed advice or a friend.

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finally a real personal statement!

this is exactlty what i was looking for!
it is a good statement, but whats more it is realistic & therefore a good guide
- im so glad u didnt feel the need to tell them about your passion for dogwalking lol - they dont need to know

oh & b4 i 4get - thank you!

mate i dont think i got ur

mate i dont think i got ur age, not that it matters u sound good and well organised in terms of career path.

what universities did you

what universities did you apply to?

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