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I have chosen to study Sociology at university as the attraction of this subject lies in its ability to make me see life more objectively and critically. Sociology helps me understand the behaviour of people, their beliefs and their identity as well as my own. Studying Sociology at higher level will provide me with a much deeper insight into complex issues and an ability to develop ideas using my own initiative. Furthermore, I aspire to continue my study of the various roles of society and their functions by taking on a combined honour with psychology. My interest in psychology and society's behavioural patterns has been an aspect that I have wanted to expand on for a long time. To satisfy my curiosity of these topics I chose Sociology as one of my A-level subjects. Over the past year I have found the various theories and ideologies from different cultures and different studies by sociologists, extremely interesting and thought provoking. It is this sociological research that has further fuelled my interest in human interaction and also compelled me to continue in Sociology as an A-level subject rather just an AS level

Along with Sociology, I have completed an AS module in Biology and am currently working on completing AS History and A2 English Literature

I hope that through the study of English Literature, I have developed a great precision of thought and an accuracy of expression and intend to utilize these acquired skills and employ them throughout university. History has helped to develop my debating and analytical skills. All of the subjects helped to improve my essay writing and research ability preparing me for the independent learning which I will need to carry out at University and the AS levels I have chosen all compliment each other well and help to develop each skill obtained from the other

At present, I am putting most of my effort into achieving the best grades in my 'A' Levels to allow me to reach the next target in my education. I understand that university life will be very challenging, but I am confident that it will give me the best chance to achieve my potential, and lead the way forward to a successful career. I hope that this application indicates that I am a promising candidate.

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This is an excellent personal

This is an excellent personal statement, you should be proud of it. The fact that you have been able to link all your other A-level subjects with sociology was good and nicely done.

It's very good but it's not

It's very good but it's not academic enough

Which universities did you

Which universities did you apply to and did you get in to them all?

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