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"If a woman speaks out of turn, then her teeth will be smashed by a brick." (Enmetena, Mesopotamia, 2400 BC). Are women supposed to lie down and accept doctrine such as this? It sickens me that people try to justify the prejudices and inequalities rife in society today by falsely claiming that societies have always been patriarchal or hierarchical. One of the earliest known civilisations, Catalhoyuk (7500-5000 BC), for instance, is believed to have been egalitarian. Though we may dismiss such quotes, professing they represent archaic attitudes and beliefs, ideas like this still reverberate in much of the world today, with even the Mayor of London in 2015 suggesting that women only go to university to find a husband. It is both institutional and everyday ignorance such as this that drives me to investigate why it still persists, and how we can eradicate these out-dated and unacceptable ideas.

My interest in Sociology began with my viewing of the Intelligence Squared debate "The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World". The debate gave me great insight into the positive and negative ways in which religion can majorly affect whole societies, including culture and tradition, as well as people's thought processes through indoctrination.

Studying Sociology at A-level has enlightened me about the vast inequalities within society; between social classes, genders and ethnicities. I am fascinated by the varying ways in which the diverging perspectives explain these and how they affect the different institutions and individuals within society. Through this exposure to different views and belief systems, my sociological understanding, critical thinking and analytical skills have advanced greatly. Reading and analysing novels such as Rohinton Mistry's "A Fine Balance" for English Literature required me to look beyond my own cultural paradigm and explore the ways in which the factors that affect every aspect of our lives may be applicable to societies very different to our own. Psychology considerably enhanced my understanding of social change through my studies of conformity and obedience. The infamous Milgram Experiment I found particularly interesting as it revealed how individuals will obey some of the most abhorrent commands when influenced by social hierarchies.

In addition to my studies, I read Christine De Pizan's "City Of Ladies", a revolutionary literary piece as one of the first self-consciously feminist texts. This gave me great insight into how men successfully legitimated and reproduced patriarchy, justifying it through the control and use of religion and education, leaving women, like De Pizan, consumed by self-hatred; resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy for many.

In my local community I have been involved in the coordination of a street party as a member of the organisational committee, aimed at bringing residents together within a culturally and religiously diverse, and somewhat divided community through a range of different stalls and activities. My work at East Ham Care Centre with the elderly and patients suffering from dementia gave me the opportunity to converse with people from previous generations about how they have seen their local communities and society as a whole change throughout their lifetimes and how they feel they are treated now.

Although I do not wish to throw stones at society out of indignation, I would like to play a role in the re-structuring of a more non-partisan world. Studying Sociology at degree level will enable me to move towards this aim, whilst broadening my horizons, conducting my own research and becoming more independent. I believe I possess important qualities that transcend examinations, such as inquisitiveness, maturity and advanced interpersonal skills, which I intend to put to the best of use whilst studying at university.

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