Criminology and Sociology Personal Statement Example 1

Sociology first captivated my attention due to the amount of crime being broadcast in our mass media from amplifying deviance. Sociology describes how society shapes behaviour collectively yet we define ourselves as individuals.

By paying particular diligence to crime it has intrigued me as it suggests how the Functionalist thesis is conflicted. Claiming that crime has a purpose can be contested when one looks at news reports of recent gypsy kidnapping cases and the civil war in Syria. How can crime perform a function when it seems to highlight trauma?

It's given me the mind to critically think and question the world around me while also communicating with it. It's useful when conforming to influences in my own daily life and has convinced me to study it further because I can see the outcome of what I learn about my culture.

Sociology at A Level has given me analytical skills into the concepts of my particular enthusiasm; youth offending, especially Howard Becker's labelling theory. In criminology I appreciate how what is considered 'deviant' is not always what is considered 'criminal' as in my own area I have seen how youths can have self-fulfilling prophecies and Murray's underclass attitudes towards crime as a norm.

I'm also interested in offender rehabilitation, the lives of victims and whether we have a 'soft' justice system that Britain has been stereotyped to adopt. Since I come from Bridgend, portrayed by the media to lead a 'suicide cult' with young people dying out of a trend, I am fascinated by how suicide was once illegal and the mentality behind criminals.

Marxists' may argue these people cannot contribute to capitalist society from their mental illness and so result in turning to crime. My English literature A Level has enhanced my interpretive skills as it aids understanding what certain language conveys.

In my spare time I am a team leader for Pencoed Lifesavers Club, meaning I have the opportunity to do something positive for youths in my community.

As a qualified RLSS certified lifesaver from completing the Merit medallion, it allows me to volunteer as a trainer. I believe this is important for my life learning as it challenges my time management.

I have developed my patience, responsibility, and considerably my problem solving skills necessary for what I view as vital for any job in the public sector, eminently for remaining calm in pressured situations.

In my job as a customer assistant and role as a School Librarian, I see sociology through different situations while having to be informative, communicative and professional which prepares me for the challenges of university. I also look forward to becoming involved with student societies such as hockey as I have played for Vale of Glamorgan in the County Championships.

Furthermore, my most rewarding work experience placement was at Maesteg Comprehensive School. Placed in the Humanities and Social Sciences department, I was quickly able to bond with staff and establish myself as a role model to students. The Head of Faculty describes my 'brilliant work ethic, both at using instructions and initiative'.

This work ethic will enable me to achieve my degree as I am able to prioritise and complete assignments within plenty of time. Moreover, this environment allowed me to see how policies work from the perspective of staff rather than the student viewpoint by being involved with young people who have a history of poor behaviour, ASBOs and criminal records.

The experience was insightful as I saw the ethnically diverse community engage together. Studying religious studies A Level has sparked my interest in differences in not only global culture but how local traditions grow and I have empathy for people of different backgrounds to myself.

I consider myself to be a contentious and dedicated student. Combining the two subjects I am most influenced by, I hope to pursue them by studying for a joint degree in criminology and sociology at university.

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I worked so hard on this so please don't copy it ;)

It took me ages to figure out how to balance the academics with the extra curricular stuff. But I got there :)
Hope it helps


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