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A book called "Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction" by Peter Just and John Monaghan inclined me to study social anthropology as I believe it is necessary to study another way of life in order to extend our own. I am inquisitive and interested in human existence. I feel sociology would be a good preparation for a variety of careers and it will help me keep my options open. Having researched the modules that will be covered in the subject, I find the subject even more compelling. I am keen to learn about other cultures as I feel it will enhance my self and help me to abandon narrow vision.

A degree will contribute to fulfilling my academic potential. It will also allow me to deepen my understanding of the aspects which constantly affect our lives, from the seemingly trivial to those of utmost importance, the fascination of these subjects lie in the fact that it has made me see in a new light. Considering my background and my interests, I am choosing a degree in anthropology and sociology.

I am currently studying A-Level sociology, media and business studies. All three subjects have also helped broaden my critically thinking skills. These are important as it has helped me view situations from a more objective perspective which might be transferred to conducting ethnographic research. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of sociology and it is my strongest subject. It has helped me make sense of the world and has become an integral part of my life. So far it has been beneficial to me in many ways. For example, the module on education enlightened me with reasons for underachievement in gender.

Understanding these reasons for success or failure has helped me improve my own educational experience. I find sociology interesting as the concepts are useful when debating and can be applied to everyday life. 'Power and politics' is really enjoyable as I became aware of the political spectrum and ideologies which underline each wing. Research methods developed my critical reasoning but sociology in general has taught me intellectually stimulating material which is why I desire to study the subject further.

Having lived in London and worked in a Japanese restaurant; I have fostered an appreciation of social and cultural diversity. The way Japanese norms and values differ from those of the Western world fascinates me and I wish to learn more about other cultures, as well as our own society. Travelling to Northern Ireland gave me 'global specs' as I gained a different understanding of their society and it changed what I knew. My part-time job has made me realize the importance of higher education in order to better myself. It has also improved areas of expertise such as time-management and working in a people orientated environment.

My hobbies range from contemporary dance to horse-riding. I enjoy traveling and learning new languages. I am also an avid reader who enjoys non-fictional texts. In my spare time I like to learn Swahili and Japanese. My aim is to enroll on a French and/or Spanish course at University to advance my language skills.

In the summer I helped organize an event for Love Music Hate Racism. The aim of the charity is to prevent an extreme right-wing ideology that is fascist from gaining a platform. They celebrate diversity through music and urge people to vote against fascist candidates in elections. This year I was voted class representative for the Student Union which has given me the opportunity to use my organizational and leadership skills. I need to be coherent, and understanding of students' needs. Representing my class has improved my communication skills which are vital for getting the student's points across.

Overall, I believe I possess the skills necessary to complete this course at University and I am determined to do my best.

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This personal statement was written by LADY-WIVSENSE for application in 2008.


It's a rather cheesy but thought-out personal statement but none-the-less true to the highest extent. Recieved an offer from all my choices. Wrote this when I was 17 as I went to university a year early. Currently studying at LSE, SOAS and my first choice on my degree course. Definitely loving university, if you can go, go! ;). Hope this helps.


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I went to Love Music Hate

I went to Love Music Hate Racism, that was an amazing festival! so well done! excellent personal statement and good luck with your studies :)

Not bad...

An average statement for an average University. Nevertheless, an excellent effort!

Extremely RISKY introduction.

Extremely RISKY introduction. In many universities; interviews are held to question your actual knowledge of the book.

Being an Admission officer's secretary's assistant I have witnessed young, budding students struggle to answer a question like:

"What was the name of the book?"

Good luck anyway and many cheesy greetings.


Some grammatical errors and a painfully brief summarization, with a few cliches. But overall quite convincing of your passion for the subject and at least a bit of proof that you've thought about the books you've read.

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