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Over the last few years my interest in public relations, media, journalism and business, in general, has developed. I enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and music literature such as NME. I also enjoy listening to the radio with my favourite station being BBC Radio 1 due to the variety of different programmes available. I strongly believe that by watching and listening to how people interact with others and how they get their message across is an influential factor in my life and how I have come to make my decision that I would like to study PR and Media.

I am currently taking Highers in Psychology, English, Business and RMPS. All of these subjects I feel would help me in the field of PR and Media. English for the writing and communication skills, Business for the insight into economic, political and financial situations, RMPS for the knowledge of different cultures and religions and Psychology for the deeper understanding of how to influence people. I have also completed the BusinessDynamics programme which has helped me to further my knowledge of business. Throughout my time at school I have always enjoyed organising things and ensuring they run well. In June, when our Head Teacher retired, we decided to throw a leaving party which I played a crucial role in organising. The event was successful which paid off for the ups and downs of planning, organising entertainment and the communication with staff. I have also taken on the role of being head of the schools Rock Challenge fundraising and community awareness team. I have always been part of the Rock Challenge team whether that was through dancing or costume design and enjoy creating things that people will appreciate. I am a member of our Alzheimer's Scotland (our chosen charity of the year) fundraising team. We have so far raised around £3000 through sales of t-shirts, lollypops, lunchtime concerts to show off the talent in the school and by running the Great Scottish Run all of which required correspondence between students, teachers and other members of staff.

At the weekend I work at the local farm shop and tourist destination Loch Leven's Larder as a shop assistant. Training from my peers has given me confidence in my customer service skills which I continue to improve upon. The structure and fast pace of the business has been beneficial to me as I feel it has made me realise that you need to adapt to certain people's needs and given me a knowledge in how to approach different types of people in a friendly and suitable way. We often host tasting and sampling sessions with local businesses which is a great opportunity to interact with the businesses themselves as well as the public. As well as working I am currently partaking in voluntary work with Kinross-shire Local Events Organisation during their Kinross Winter Festival over the coming months. This has included stewarding at their Winter Market and also helping promote Kinross-shires Got Talent to acts and audience as well. I am also helping backstage at this event as well as selling tickets. This is beneficial to me because it shows how much work and communication has to happen between people for events to run well.

In September 2014 I attended the Big Music Project in Glasgow which has helped me to influence my decision about what interests me in a career. The event was primarily based around the music business however the radio seminar, which featured representatives of the Student Radio Association as well as James McGuire from Capital FM, I found particularly interesting. I believe that this inspired me to be more independent and made me realise that if I want something I have to put myself out there and grab every opportunity with both hands. I feel as if I know more of what is out there now and who is there to support me in achieving it. Also, a recent visit from Gordon Smart, editor of The Scottish Sun, inspired me as it gave me an insight to how other people paved the way for their career.

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Sent application on 11/12/2015. Received two conditional offers from Robert Gordon for Public Relations (BBB) and Media (BBB) on the 17/12/2015, still awaiting decisions from Glasgow Caledonian, Stirling and Queen Margaret. Applied with a C in Higher Geography and currently sitting Highers in Psychology, RMPS, English and Business.


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