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As a Saudi Arabian woman, I was born into a political discourse that I would like to change. By being born in the United States to a Saudi diplomat and living in over seven countries such as Uzbekistan, Portugal and India I became a global citizen and, luckily, trilingual. This allowed me to embrace many cultures and look at situations through different perspectives, which gives me a multidimensional way of thinking.

My interest in politics stemmed from a young age when I became active in talks within family gatherings relating to regional conflicts such as the Iraq War. As I became older, the impact of these conflicts on international relations and the perceived reemergence of romantic militarism in countries like the US, led me to read "Political Theory: An Introduction" by Andrew Heywood.

By reading his book, I have understood the importance of economic, cultural and historical factors that affect political developments, and avoided looking at Politics solely in terms of leadership and personality. To further my passion, I have had talks with Adel al-Jubeir in his recent visit to Belgium, on the impact of Saudi foreign policy.

By studying in your top institution, I will be able to analyse political conflicts and developments on a much deeper scale. My passion for change has led me to work for NGOs such as Active Citizen Europe where I helped make a forum that encouraged the integration of teenagers within European society. This forum gave teenagers a safe space which advocated for gender equality and freedom of speech and thought.

Not only that, but I volunteered at Serve the City where I helped impoverished communities within Brussels by serving food, playing games with refugees and handing out gifts. Volunteering has improved my interpersonal skills, which will aid me in group projects I may have to do at University, or when engaging with professors and other colleagues. I have excellent debating skills, due to being the President of my School's Debate Club and winning many intra-school debates, this will help me settle quickly into discussions in seminars.

On top of this, I know what it feels like to be a leader as I am also the School's current Student President. This should set me up well for group tasks as I am excellent at leading a team, being empathetic to my peers but also understanding that a good leader has to listen to others and not dictate. Through my A-level courses, I have learned transferable skills that can help me excel in my Politics course. Through my History IGCSE and A-level, I have obtained vital background knowledge through my depth-study of European dictators such as Stalin and Hitler and their political ideologies.

Along with that, my History A-level has given me the skills to critically analyse evidence and construct coherent arguments. My English A-level has further developed my analysis skills and has helped me understand the importance of language in Politics. Furthermore, my Business A-level has helped me see the many ways in which governmental policies such as fiscal policies affect the economic and business environment. Certainly, this will aid me in the future when thinking about how economic needs shape the world.

Finally, my Global Perspectives Research has helped me with my evaluative and research skills as I have written a research document on a prominent topic in international relations like whether the VETO power in the United Nations is undemocratic. This will prove invaluable when writing research papers and my dissertation at University. I want to study Politics at your university because with your excellent academic record, highly published and respected lecturers and the global reputation of a degree from the UK, I will be able to fulfil my dreams of becoming a member of the Majlis Al-Shura, the deciding and advisory body of the King of Saudi Arabia. This will allow me to speak for those who don't have a voice, and shift political decisions to benefit them.

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Queen Mary, the University of London (accepted)
Birkbeck, the University of London (accepted)
The University of Birmingham (accepted)
Warwick University (awaiting a reply)
The University of Essex (accepted)

I most probably will firm Queen Mary as I fell in love with London and the campus. Plus, their politics course is so interesting to me. Warwick is nice, but it hasn't appealed to me. I'm not so much focused on the rankings, instead, I'm more focused on the course itself in order to do well and obtain a 2:1 degree. I really hope I get into Harvard/MIT/Cambridge for my masters/PhD course.


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