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Political action is something we feel, breathe and live very second of every day.

Political action engulfs us completely in the way we live together and see society. It is something that cannot be denied, it is the reflection of what people want, however, we know that all citizens have differing points of view as you can be a member of a party but still disagree with the actions that your party are making. I find it interesting to see the effects that political action has on society. I enjoy socialising with people from all backgrounds as their differing views makes looking at political action refreshing.

Being of dual nationality, French and English, I witness different political action in both France and England as an inside observer. All sides have different reactions and it is fascinating to see that although both can have different views, most of people's views on political activity is negative as people need someone to blame for their sorrows and it is usually the government. Individuals often change their political opinion and I have always wondered why that is. We can imagine that it would be out of self-interest they voted for the one that was most advantageous to them, not to society. It is a normal feeling for a person and common sense when we live in a individualist society.

I managed to realise this much as I am learning about social interactions at school. We appear to sometimes forget that we are all human, of the same race and because of that, there will always be conflicts. In this era, we believe in only doing what is best for ourselves, not for humans in general and even in the same country, we can see that people do not look out for each other. People wonder why the government does not take action when it could. Can it really not? Or perhaps is it because it is afraid of public opinion? That is an aspect that I find truly interesting for its consequences.

My other interest is the international implications of the relations between countries. My objective is to be allowed to represent Britain outside of its borders. It was only last summer that I realised that I wanted to walk the path of resolving conflicts without any unnecessary destructive fighting. My inspiration came through a chance meeting with a lady on the Eurostar. I cannot remember how we came to discuss political and international matters, however, I do recall she having talked about a relative being a diplomat and it was through this discussion that the burning aspiration to become one that fights with the means of words for his country came to me. Before meeting this woman, I wanted to go in the army, also to serve my country, but it was tanks to that person that my wishes changed. I wanted to become an army officer to protect the army soldiers as a commanding officer. I realised that war happens when our diplomatic relations fail which is why I want to become and ambassador, to hopefully make a difference in avoiding conflict.

I have read "Getting Our Way" by Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador, it explains in one book the highlights of British diplomacy, going back to Elizabeth I rein with Henry Killigrew as diplomat, all the way to Christopher Meyer's intervention as deputy for Lord Renwick and how he dealt with the post-Soviet world. It was interesting to see that the tactics in diplomacy are very much the same as how they used to be. However, to be able to reach my dream, I must understand why political action fails when it does and how to make it a success.

In my time at university, I hope to forge strong bonds with my co-learners and learn about all the implications that ever changing politics and international relations have to offer. I hope to leave knowing that i would be one-step closer to my goal which would be to help prevent conflicts around the world.

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