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The influence of money and power due to the effect of globalisation has led to many political and economic triumphs, such as emergence of new world superpowers as well as disasters such as the current financial crisis. My interest in such issues has made me want to pursue a degree in Economics and Politics.

I have been attracted to study a degree involving social science because of how much I have enjoyed studying Economics and Sociology at A-level. I have always found macroeconomics fascinating and the complex interrelationships that exist within and between economies are something that I am keen to learn more about in my degree. As well as being enthusiastic about macroeconomics, I have also studied microeconomics with interest and achieved 95% in my final A2 exam.

Through keeping up-to-date with current affairs, I have become acutely aware of the significance of past economic events to future policy-making and I am keen to learn more about
economic history in my degree, which has only been touched on in my A-level classes.

I have been intrigued by the recent developments in British politics and the emergence of a conservative-liberal alliance has been of interest to me.

The debates that have taken place surrounding the true political allegiance of the new-fangled coalition have grabbed my attention and I am keen to learn more about ideological debate in the course of my degree. I am also interested to learn how economic theory has been influenced by political thinking.

During my study of Economics, I enjoyed learning about how decision-making at the microeconomic level can lead to important consequences for consumers and businesses alike.

These consequences have been apparent in the current financial crisis, and I have been following the unprecedented events in the world economy closely. My interest in the historical significance of the economic and political events of recent years is reflected in my choice of degree.

Current affairs have also heightened my awareness of the relevance of Economics to debates in Sociology and Politics. The imminent budget cuts provide an example of how society can be influenced so significantly by different political and economic thinking.

Outside of college I like to read books such as The Economic Naturalist and The Undercover Economist have given me an insight into how economics plays a part in our everyday lives. I also apply what I have learnt in Economics and Business Studies to the JP Morgan Fantasy Fund Manager simulation.

I have enjoyed learning more about assessing and managing assets and in the future I hope to work in the financial sector in some capacity. I have also had work experience in some key areas relevant to my university degree.

During the summer of 2009 I attended the "Prospects in London" course during which I learnt about what the City of London has to offer and how the financial heart of the UK operates.

I have a new-found passion for travelling and over the summer I was fortunate enough to 'interail' through Central and Eastern Europe. It was exciting to discover new places and to get a taste of countries with cultures very different to our own.

The dramatic historical events that have shaped parts of Eastern Europe were fascinating to me and it was interesting to see first-hand how different economic and political systems have shaped countries and their

During my current gap year I wish to continue my travels in Latin America to learn about the different histories and politics that have shaped the countries of that region.

Through my A-level studies, I have learnt the importance of independent learning and time-management which are requisite undergraduate skills, and I am confident that I will thrive in a university environment. I am a creative, enthusiastic and highly motivated student who will commit whole-heartedly to both the academic and extra-curricular challenges that university will present me with.

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This personal statement was written by tejbadiani for application in 2010.

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first draft of my statement which i sent off today, for entry into Economic History and/or Economics and Politics.
the things in brackets are what i felt i need to expand upon/change.

hoping to get into LSE

UPDATE: got an offer from Manchester after two days, not bad i suppose.


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