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If anything, I am a curious person. Most people spend their lives aspiring to knowledge; and yet they cannot acquire it all. What really matters is the thirst for knowledge. I consider myself as one of those thirsty people and I believe that curiosity is the key to everything. The ability to wonder is precisely what separates us from animals: it is a gift from evolution.

During the past few years, I have developed a keen interest in all kinds of subjects concerning men and society. In High School I have studied a wide range of subjects such as economics, literature, biology, history, and philosophy. I believe that it has provided me with a good level of general knowledge and a critical mind allowing me to stand back and think for myself.

I have enjoyed and excelled in all the subjects I have studied; in fact I have always been at the top of my class during my High School years. All the subjects we study inform us about man as well as his understanding of the world. Even biology is important when it comes to these courses as the human brain is ruled by genes and nerves.

As far as economics is concerned, it is without doubt a subject which enables us to to understand the world and the way it works. A few days after 9/11, when the resumption of NYSE was announced, everybody felt relieved.

Our daily life is based on finances and economics. It has taken man nearly two millenniums to come up with capitalism, which is now being questioned because of the economic crisis the world is going through.

This is where my interest in economics reaches its biggest extent: we need to come up with a new plan, only this time we have to take into consideration the impact on the environment and create a whole new kind of growth.

Last summer I helped create a campaign for the protection of the environment. Getting involved and doing something that matters was a very fascinating experience and made me seriously consider a career as a business manager in order to develop my own projects.

Truth be told, I am a bit shy. However, it doesn't affect my communication skills. I actually consider this weakness as a strength and a challenge as it makes me want to get to know people even more, and my interest in politics and economics makes me want to convince them of my ideas.

This is why I started participating in debates, which were very fascinating, especially because I come from a third-world country where so much still needs to be done.

I have heard that people in England come from all over the world and I am looking forward to discovering new cultures. I go to a French school in Morocco, and I therefore study in a mixed culture : a Muslim-Arabic culture and a modern-Western one.

It is pretty challenging but most of all, it is enriching and teaches me about many different visions of the world. I regularly read the French and Moroccan press and I love pointing out the contrast between them.

This is why I developed an interest in politics. In fact, more than politics , I enjoy the comparison between international relations and different points of view and I believe that this is where philosophy and psychology play an important role.

I also read the English and American press to improve my English and be aware of other opinions. I love learning languages: I speak Arabic, French and English fluently and I am learning Spanish.

On a personal level, I am very interested in cinema, more precisely, independent movies with existential issues. It is all the more interesting to know how it works in that nowadays cinema is one of the most popular arts and has a huge cultural influence.

Besides cinema has become a strategic sector in the economy of many countries and needs strong production managers. I have been an active member of my High School's film club for three years now.

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This personal statement was written by ghital for application in 2009.

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I am afraid i said to much about why i chose this subject and not enough about me. I tried to make it original.
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Strong start but got a bit

Strong start but got a bit weaker toward the middle. Also wth "two milleniums"? Are you a creationist or something?

As stated above, it started

As stated above, it started very strong. However, it started to become weak after the first paragraph. You state way more than you prove, you don't need to tell them you are clever - they can see that from you're grades. What you do need to do is prove to them why they should pick you, and what have you done that shows you are passionate about Economics. Also, there is little mention to philosophy.

Why would you tell them you

Why would you tell them you're shy? Fair enough you want to keep it honest, and be different, but pointing out your weakness only seems to be an attempt at gain sympathy.

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