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For some, politics is the root cause of inequality, hate and all conflicts. But to others, politics is seen as the opportunity to communicate, share ideas and better the environment around us. I am intrigued by the effect politics has on our society and think that it is essential to my development that I study it at degree level. "Prisoners of Geography" by Tim Marshall discusses how without geography, politics wouldn't be possible. Whilst this is true, an understanding of different cultures, ideologies and movements is also needed for global politics to be successful.

Trust in politics is starting to strain under the Conservative government, with it recorded that 30% of the public does not trust our government, where only 10% didn't in 1986. Factors that may have led to this are lack of accountability for damaging decisions (such as the Windrush scandal) and how the media portrays political parties. I am a member of the Labour Party and have participated in local discussion groups in which we spoke to our local MP and council members on issues affecting our community. For me, this was a humbling experience because I learnt to understand the problems that could arise through politics. In my area especially, social inequality is rampant, and many people are suffering because of NHS, council and many other cuts, and for me to study this course would allow me to understand why these problems arise and why politics may be the only device that can create change.

I feel my combination of 6th form subjects will support my study of this course. Geography has given me the baseline understanding of the challenges of growing populations. For example, India's population has increased by 181 million in the last 10 years, and by 2020 could become the world's most populated country. The root cause of India's growing population is high infant mortality rates. Women are starting to learn basic English and Maths. Results from this showed that mothers who learnt these skills were better at noticing and dealing with any health issues their child had which increases the chance of survival. This shows the positive impacts politics can have on a country.

BTEC Business has taught me time management skills and how to effectively keep to deadlines because of the level of coursework it involves. Understanding how political events can change the business landscape is another integral part of this course. For example, the uncertainty that the Brexit negotiations have on international businesses such as Microsoft has meant that they are more inclined to leave the UK rather than risk losing profit. This will result in the loss of jobs, something that only politics can overcome. I am also studying the EPQ, where I am researching what political theory is, how those political theories, such as Marxism, capitalism and anarchism have affected different societies in history and evaluating our current political state. BTEC IT has enhanced my critical thinking skills and allows me to think logically about a certain task.

I work part-time at my local farm in a management role. I supervise colleagues, provide support, and carry out tasks such as mucking out stables and cleaning enclosures for exotic animals. This job requires key organisational skills and gives me a lot of responsibility. Initially, I was a volunteer but was later hired and promoted due to my work ethic and natural leadership skills. I enjoy the hands-on approach and have close working relationships with my co-workers.

The opportunity to showcase my ability to write essays, have discussions with different people and further my understanding of different political cultures and ideologies are but a few things that I hope to do whilst studying this course. Politics is the course for me and I look forward to degree level study.

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I have recently sent my application off and have already gotten offers from Brighton & Surrey and am awaiting offers from Nottingham, Canterbury Christ Church and Reading.


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