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Politics is a core part of culture and is central to a meaningful understanding of the modern world. I believe that by studying politics, I can use the analytical skills I have to comprehend the nature of the systems that make the world as it is. In today’s rapidly changing world, as powers shift and the internal workings of society evolve, knowledge and understanding of politics is more critical than ever.

I have studied subjects that I believe have helped me develop the skills needed for the study of politics. In history, I honed my ability to construct arguments and present a balanced yet decisive judgement, a skill I also refined in my English lessons. These subjects offered me the opportunity to perfect my analytical skills, a key asset for the study of politics. I developed a deep fascination with my subject matter and I have the capacity for intense focus on subjects that I study. The politics modules have caught my attention and I very much want to make use of the skills I possess to engage myself with the course material.

I have experience of extended independent research tasks and demonstrated an aptitude for independent learning in my American foreign policy coursework, taking it upon myself to gather sources to construct my work. Similarly, in the practical part of my media course I created an original media product and was responsible for my own research and production. In the theory side of the course I chose an area to research and write about, in doing so furthering my research skills. In my English coursework, I selected a topic to make a judgement on and researched independently, finding additional texts in order to construct my work.

In my religious studies course I approached new theories and applied them to important issues, equipping myself with the skills needed for the study of politics. Many of the theories were akin to political ideologies in that they offer ways of making sense of the world and my experience of approaching new concepts means that I have a strong foundation on which to build in the study of politics. In my media studies also I approached new theories and the subject has been invaluable in shaping my political outlook; during the course, I made myself familiar with Giddens’s ‘The Third Way’, a text I personally found enthralling and one that has influenced me immensely.

I have relished the opportunity to engage in group debate and public speaking during my years on the school council and the school’s enterprise days gave me the opportunity to involve myself in presentations and exercise my communication skills. I was very privileged to meet a politician when Sir Peter Tapsell, my constituency MP, visited the school. I spoke to Sir Peter about his parliamentary duties, an experience that invigorated my interest in politics. My work experience with the police at a time when the Police and Crime Commissioner role was being first discussed allowed me to meet members of the force with strong views on the issue and it was a valuable opportunity for me to engage in reasoned debate with other people.

Outside of school, I keep myself involved in the academic areas that interest me, reading into political theory and learning about political figures, having bought biographies of figures such as Thatcher and Blair to indulge my interests. I immerse myself in current affairs, being a subscriber to the Daily Telegraph and The Economist, and my household is always alive with political discussion. I strive to maintain a healthy balance between my academic interests and my other hobbies, setting aside time for my personal fitness and using my part-time job in my local pub as an opportunity to demonstrate my punctuality and commitment.

The prospect of studying politics truly excites me and I look forward to the opportunity to stimulate my interest. I believe that studying politics will be an immensely valuable experience I and intend on pursuing one of the many possibilities the course will open for me.

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This personal statement was written by calmcgarry for application in 2013.

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Politics at The University of Liverpool

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I feel that this was a very strong personal statement and it helped my application immensely. I received offers from all universities except one, which I withdrew my application from due to a slow decision. I missed out on the required grades for my firm choice but was still accepted, thanks to this personal statement.


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Just curious, but what made you choose Liverpool over the others???

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