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I would cite the upheaval that was the 1997 General Election as the first significant political experience I can remember. Hailing from a northern, working class town, I recall my parents telling me the landslide victory was a positive change, 'Things could only get better' as the soundtrack went. Whilst being too young to understand the ramifications at the time, as a student now I find the era extremely interesting: the contrast between the political cultures of then and now, and the seemingly simultaneous rise of 'Cool Britannia' within British society.

Politics interests me because it is alive: I love the thought of studying something which is subject to constant change, fluctuating in line with each new political storyline. A Level Government and Politics has given me the opportunity to look at fascinating areas such as the aforementioned rise of New Labour, as well as the political climate of the Thatcher era, and the ideologies of the Left and Right.

The interaction between politics and culture is an area I find intriguing, and I have cultivated strong opinions on a variety of social issues. I feel the state should do more to regulate the financial markets, with the recent collapse leaving millions in a dire situation. The free market is noble in principle, but in practicality I feel the government needs to take on a more active role to ensure equality and social mobility.

Whilst I have enjoyed studying domestic politics most, global politics is an interest of mine outside the classroom. It has been impossible not to have been absorbed by the impending American Election, something which has encouraged me to read further into contemporary American politics. Studying for my French A Level oral examination allowed me to look at the political culture across the Channel. English Language has helped me develop communication skills, both written and oral, essential qualities when considering the nature of politics.

In July 2008 I went on work placement at my local Labour MP's constituency office. The week was spent helping constituents who had raised their issues with John Hutton MP. I had the opportunity to shadow Mr. Hutton as he returned to Barrow to conduct his weekly surgery. The placement helped me understand the nature of politics at grass-roots level, and gave me an insight into the duties of a Cabinet Minister. I found the experience extremely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable.

I would consider myself as a confident, hard-working young man. As well as being appointed as a prefect, I was awarded the role of Head Boy in my final year of secondary school. This position required me to show leadership qualities and responsibility, as well as confidence in public speaking. Last year, I participated in the nationwide Youth Parliament project as the Prime Minister, participating in a mock parliamentary debate. I am a keen sportsman, and I have played football for various district representative teams. Rather predictably for a prospective politics student, I like to keep up with current affairs, and I am an avid reader of Private Eye. Outside college I work part time as a waiter in Pizza Hut, a job which I genuinely find enjoyable.

I have always hoped to study at degree level, and I feel sure the Politics course is right for me. The prospect of meeting other individuals and sharing views, as well as being taught by experts in the field, is something I find appealing and extremely exciting.

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This personal statement was written by oglynch for application in 2008.

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This is my statement for 2009 admission. I have applied to Government at LSE and Politics at Durham, York, Hull and Sheffield. Hope it entertains and helps! Thanks also to everyone else who has submitted one on this site, it's really useful and so I thought I'd put a bit back in myself.


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this is pretty brilliant, and

this is pretty brilliant, and MAN thats some awesome work experience your so lucky working with a labour mp! JELOUS
maybe cut out the pizza hut waiter coz it doesnt have alot of relevance to politics or uni
otherwise great good luck with ur offers


This is extremely well-written and yeah "pretty amazing" as the first comment states.

It was kind of like reading mine because I did a work experience with an MP/minister, head student and all that jazz. Just your PS is much better written :P

so where did you end up going?


Wow!!! Nice Personal statement. it's written well and is also quite enjoyable to read. All the best with your Application :D

im applying to do it at LSE

im applying to do it at LSE too this year but now im worried cause i swear mine wasnt as good!

I love the opening paragraph.

I love the opening paragraph.

I think this is great,

The "constantly changing" bit is inspired. And woo, private eye. ;)

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