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This is the most influential, most far reaching, most important subject that exists. Nothing is left untouched by politics, be you a Wall Street banker or African tribesman; you will be affected by government's decisions. Without politics nothing would be possible and this is where my love for the subject stems: the application of politics to the real world.

British politics and the west, globally international politics, as well as political media are topics which enthuse me and it is this fiery appetite which has moved me to study politics. The 2010 General Election set alight this interest for me, and I have continued in the same manner, subscribing to The Times and The Economist, also joining a political party. I now realise politics not only affects, but determines lives. I also know I can no longer watch from the sidelines.

Domestically, inequality is of significance to me, I have been feverishly following news on the Spending Review, Sure Start, and welfare reform. I also arranged a week of voluntary work experience with a Birmingham councillor to learn of and practice the functions carried out by a political office such as liaising with constituents, observing councillor meetings, and analysing media pieces.

I am also absorbed by international relations, particularly influential countries' relationships with less powerful countries, for example Britain's response to the Pakistan flooding disaster, and this seminar was a highlight during a recent academic visit to the UN headquarters in Geneva. In addition to seminars from most UN agencies, I observed a live debate on weapon disarmament.

All my A-level subjects give skills that are readily transferable, such as handling perspectives, debating, evaluating, and presenting, which are all indispensable to studying politics. Sociology has given an insight into current society; I have been especially fascinated by the intertwining nature of politics and sociology. History too has been incredibly valuable as I have discovered how countries can descend into civil war, also
learning how elections operate in other countries. English Language as well has been engaging, in particular my A2 language investigation:

'What is the language of spoken politics? Does this language vary due to political parties?' Aside from academic study, I have enjoyed completing Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver and am currently working towards Gold. I am the elected sixth form English Ambassador through which I have sharpened public speaking skills.

I am also the elected Community Liaison Officer for the entire school and sixth form, which involves co operating with the local community then reporting back to the Senior Leadership Team.

I was the chosen IT Director of sixth form's Young Enterprise company, we sold products at fares raising over GBP 400 in a short time span, giving me further skills in public relations and IT. Outside college, I play football to a high standard, captaining a range of teams, honing skills in teamwork, leadership, and communication.

I have a part-time job as a company administrator, also volunteering at my church in the children's department. I enjoy a mix of fiction and non-fiction books; I particularly enjoy work by Robert Harris and George Orwell.

I have been on two overseas trips to Bulgaria, involving aid work in orphanages, an importantly humbling and rewarding experience. I intend to visit Zambia next summer on a charity aid mission working with impoverished children.

I see politics as my future, starting at university; I picture myself easily fitting into university life. I am enthused about this challenge ahead and know absolutely the value of a university place. I have a blazing enthusiasm for politics: I want to make a difference in my career and I see this as the way to do it.

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