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It was only when I attended a Model United Nations conference in high school did I consider studying international relations, negotiating with other representatives and putting out my viewpoints that lightened me up. Therefore, I chose International Relations and Diplomacy as my bachelor major.

Growing up in China with my parents being teachers, I am profoundly influenced by Confucianism and relevant theories. Li Ji (“The Book of Rites”) builds up the law system of ancient Chinese society, and its theory “Cultivate the moral self, then regulate the family, rule the country rightly and make the world stay in harmony.” has been my motto since I entered my university. Policy, as the implementation of state’s administration theory binding with its concrete situation, promote the development of social progress. Hence, I resolve to continue my international relation study in an advanced and more practical area——International Public Policy.

In terms of self cultivation, learning various International Relations and political theories help me to define the current situation in the world. “Reading thousand books, travelling thousand miles” — conveys the message that a person should build up his or her wisdom with both knowledge in books and experiences. I am very interested in geopolitics theory and Robert Kaplan’s book “The Revenge of Geography” which illustrates the potential conflicts that might happen at borders of countries and continents. Also I got inspired by Samuel P. Huntington’s “The Clash of Civilizations” and figured out the potential relevance between the country’s geo-position and its culture. All these lead me to respect other cultures when I am aware of the possible formation of them.

Having lots of experiences in communicating with foreign students and teachers in my college especially the precious experience of being an exchange student in Finland, I had multiple courses about European Union, United Nations, western democracy and so on.

By learning other countries’ policy administration and sharing thoughts with foreign students, I broadened my horizon and expand my vision as well. Moreover, the recent intern experience in WWF China provides me the chance to apply theory to practice. I engaged in the planning and execution of the project “One Planet City Challenge” and “Low-Carbon City Campaign” in China, from which I realized the society is beset with disparities.

While UNFCCC forums achieved great success and have launched protocols and agreements, countries still hold different considerations of their own interests. When it comes to the biggest developing country — China, the implement of energy-saving regulations and instructions also faces challenges and barriers. I once attended the China Coal Conference, in which different stakeholders hold different perspectives and some even believed it wrong to limit the usage of coal in rural areas for the cost of gas and other substitutes is much higher.

International negotiations and communications have significant effect towards policy making. By communicating and sharing thoughts with other delegates in Model United Nations that hold different opinions or profit interests, I realized that the implement of International Relations theories — mostly public policies indicate the specific reality and situation of the stakeholder — normally the state. Being the vice president of the Student Union, I found the Union as a smaller version of the UN, thus academic knowledge and theories can fit in the daily work to enhance efficiency as well as obtain more profits. So herein lies my appeal for further study of international public policy.

As the biggest developing country in the world, China builds up the “Belt and Road” project, providing broad markets to developing and developed countries en route, leading developing countries’ development, which is deeply influence by the aforementioned theory “Rule the country rightly and make the world stay in harmony”. Holding the dream to improve the situation and condition of developing countries, I set myself a goal to advance my study in UCL as this old university has the best political and social faculty, not to mention its global impact. I firmly believe the upcoming study experience will provide me a new platform, and I hope I can reciprocate the favor and contribute to the diverse student body, and the globalization progress as well.

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