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I want to study Politics at university because it is so relevant to our lives, a fact I first noticed in the year preceding the 2015 general election. As parties began to promote their policies it became clear how much it affected my life, even as a non-voter. This made me become very passionate about political participation, as everyone should be able to have their voices heard and take advantage of this fact. This is particularly significant as a young person, since those who are under eighteen are not represented in Parliament or government, so decisions such as to raise tuition fees are not influenced by the people whom it affects.

Additionally, the 18-24 demographic has the lowest turnout at elections, and it was these facts that made me want to be more pro-active with my political participation and also to educate myself further so I could make informed decisions. Politics is a power that is pervasive in society; one that affects and is affected by our every action, even those that we may consider to be within the private sphere. My interest in the concept of the diminishing separation between the public and private spheres, and the question of whether our privacy can be properly protected in this time of increased surveillance lead me to read Public/Private by Paul Fairfield. This was a development of the topic of civil liberties which I studied as a part of my AS politics course, and was the area I found most interesting within the first year. To further develop my understanding of liberties and how human rights arose in a political setting, I also read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Social Contract and The Discourses.

Studying a Politics A-level has provided me with a solid foundation for further education in the subject as it has developed my skills of evaluation through essay writing, as well as being an introduction to key ideas of politics. I have also become more adept at forming persuasive arguments and backing them up. My other A-levels, Maths and Chemistry, have allowed me to improve my analytic skills, as well as providing me with a breadth of study that I would not have enjoyed had I followed an entirely humanity based program. Studying Ancient History to AS helped improve my writing technique and taught me to interpret and be critical of sources. It also provided me with knowledge of politics in the ancient world, which allows me a further dimension in my understanding of politics; its roots.

Outside of academics I have also furthered my interest in politics; I am involved in my local Green Party, and attended a Young Green Women's training day in London recently. This meeting was aimed at making the party more inclusive at all levels, and the talk from Jenny Jones, member of the House of Lords and London Assembly, inspired me to pursue politics as a possible career. I am also shadowing Jenny Jones for a day in which I will gain valuable insight into government processes. In January I am going to a lecture on the workings of the EU in preparation for the referendum.

Additionally, I have completed an Entry Level Certificate in both Mandarin Chinese and Latin. The Chinese I undertook with an understanding that it would become increasingly useful in any international line of work, and I studied Latin due to my interest in ancient history and the fact that it is the root of so many modern languages. At school I took part in Young Enterprise, as I hoped it would provide me with an idea of what working in business was like, and it enhanced my team working skills, especially since I took on the role of a Board Member. I completed work experience at a Citizen's Advice Bureau, during which I encountered people from all walks of life and gained an understanding of how laws introduced by government really affect ordinary people.

I believe that studying Politics at university will be of great value, and the opportunity to learn from experts in the field is a significant motivator for wanting to pursue this course.

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