Political Science Personal Statement Example 3

The study of Political Science highlights the humanistic and intellectual thirst of human beings. It is ever changing. International Relations is necessary as it ensures the safety of the world. While it is the core aspect of a government, Politics and International Relations are not confined to it and affect each and every individual within society; elements of both subjects are applicable and relevant to almost every aspect of daily life as without effective communication, small misunderstandings can have dire consequences. Looking at global relations from a holistic view, we can observe that as nations grow and change over time, foreign relations are key for forging beneficial relationships. The fragility and importance of this subject is the compelling reason to study it at university level. It prepares an individual not only for employment, but for life as an informed citizen ready to participate in political activities.

Being an international student from a third world country, I recognize the variety of human rights infringements, widespread poverty, and economic dependence on advanced states. As I hail from a country that has shown tremendous economic growth but at the same time, a tremendous hike in the poverty and human trafficking levels, I am sensitive and aware of the various injustices that take place in my country because of the lack of effective implementation of justice. I am particularly interested in understanding why political developments are stagnant in some areas and grow in others. The reason I chose to study away from home is because being globally competitive is an asset to my career in the future. I believe that it is vital to educate myself to bring the necessary awareness towards achieving my goal of living in a world that propagates peace and equality.

For the numerous projects I have done in Politics for the past two years, I have developed the skills necessary to research and analyse issues relating to this. I have learnt to be objective and open minded in a debate and support my own views through rigorous argument and authenticated research. It has provided ample opportunity for me to enhance my problem solving skills and be pertinacious in my standpoints. Studying History in the long term has enabled me to back my views with evidences and authentic sources. It has also given me a background on the formation and development of these institutions.
Aside from academic experience, I have enjoyed being a part of my school's editorial board where all school matters are brought and important decisions regarding such matters are publicized. I have interviewed many important people including the editor of a world famous news outlet and an Oscar winning sound designer. These along with several public speaking events have increased both, my confidence and my communication skills. On achieving the best student award, I have also shown good meritorious performance in school.

I have quenched my thirst for knowledge regarding this subject by reading books and watching documentaries. These raised questions of intrigue and continue to drive me to search for more answers. I always keep myself aware with the latest happenings around the world as I am an eager reader. As a bilingual person, I receive a greater amount of exposure to different cultures and have learnt to build bridges between the two. Participating in many musical programs with my band has helped develop my teamwork skills and my creativity.

I hope that this personal statement exhibits a worthy candidate and demonstrates that I'm an independent, motivated and hardworking student with a keen interest in this area of study who would enjoy contributing to all aspects of university life. I am confident that, with my skills and interests, I can make a real contribution to the course.

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